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Concrete Countertop Process

Trueform Concrete Inquiry and Pricing  

Inquiry and Pricing:

Whether it is for a commercial or a residential project, try to contact us prior to the start of your renovation or new construction to give you the most amount of prep time and to plan out and properly prepare the site for your custom concrete countertops. Submitting a web inquiry along with your custom concrete project plans online here will help us to review your information and get a good sense of the project prior to our first call. However, please feel free to call us directly if you would rather speak to someone live right away. For local projects, we invite you to visit our showroom to see our concrete products fist hand as well as to give you the opportunity to review and discuss your project in further detail. If a showroom visit is not possible, our helpful staff can get all of your questions answered via phone and/or email. Once we have all of the details that we need, we will be able to generate an estimate for you.

Trueform Concrete Color Options  

Selecting Your Color:

In our New Jersey showroom we have large versions of our 10 standard concrete colors on display as well as many other colors and finishes. We have several custom concrete countertops, concrete bathroom sinks and concrete dining tables on display that have been cast in our most popular colors. These large displays give you a good sense of the natural variation in our concrete. If a showroom visit is not possible, we are happy to send you 4” x 4” samples of any of our 10 standard colors via UPS. You can easily order the Trueform Color Option Samples here. If none of our 8 standard colors work for your project, give us the Benjamin Moore color that closely matches what you are after. If we have an existing color that is close, we can make you a new sample of it. If we do not have an existing color that is a close match, we can always make you a custom color.

Trueform Concrete Contracts   Contract & Deposit:
Trueform Concrete Kitchen Countertops  

Template or Build To Spec:

Trueform is capable of fabricating your concrete project under many conditions. See which method works best for your project and timeline.


If the custom concrete countertop project is local to New Jersey and the site conditions require a physical template, we can set a date for one of our experienced templaters to come the job site once it is ready for template. Our goal is to ensure a successful outcome. It is our policy that the person who is authorized and capable of making all project decisions can either be onsite or available via phone during the template. This will greatly reduce the number of unanswered questions and will prevent lost time and possible extra charges to re-template. For non-local projects, contractors or homeowners can also send us templates to fabricate from.

Are you ready for a template?

  • All sinks, faucets, and fixtures are on site
  • Drop-in cook tops / over-mount stoves are on site
  • Any appliances that will affect the concrete are in place
  • All base cabinets are securely in their final position
  • All decorative panels and drawers that affect countertop overhangs are in place
Trueform Concrete Custom Kitchen Sinks  

Build To Spec:

Some custom concrete countertop projects do not require a template and can be built to the measurements or specifications that you provide. We will work with you to ensure that we have all of the information needed to create the project. No matter if you are providing a drawing or Trueform is providing one based on your measurements, we will require sign off on all drawings prior to the start of fabrication.

Below is an example of the type of information that Trueform needs to fabricate off spec.
  • All walls are labeled
  • All finished edges are labeled "X"
  • All sides have measurements
  • Seam location is clearly labeled
  • Sink location is labeled and measurements are shown
  • Faucet, soap, and other accessory locations are clearly indicated with position and measurements.
  • All sink and hardware is properly identified with model numbers so Trueform can get spec sheets
Trueform Concrete Kitchen Gray Countertop  

Fabrication And Lead Time:

To ensure that you receive the highest quality concrete products, that we are known for, it is important that our products go through a set process that is not compromised. Based on this, combined with our current workload, we will set a projected lead time in which your project will be completed. Trueform Concrete works tirelessly to ensure that we always stay within or beat the timeframe provided. However, we cannot cast your custom concrete countertops if we do not have the required information, sign-offs and payments in place. It is imperative that we work together and upfront to ensure that Trueform can achieve a successful outcome in the desired timeframe.

Trueform Concrete Custom Concrete Reception Desk  

Installation, Delivery, or Shipment:


Custom concrete projects local to New Jersey are typically delivered by or installed by the Trueform Concrete installation team. Once your project is nearing completion, we will contact you to schedule a date and window of time. Depending on the complexity, installation can range from 1 hour to several days. We will usually have a good sense of the timeframe required prior to the installation, but unforeseen circumstances can arise that increase the amount of time needed to complete the project. When working in NYC – please understand that we do everything to ensure that we are punctual. There are many forces outside of our control, so we appreciate your patience and understanding.




For a project that is being shipped, you will be contacted by one of our representatives when the crate is ready for shipment. Please note that deliveries are curbside.

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