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 Q- Are Trueform Concrete's Sink UPC listed?

A- All of Trueform Concrete's Standard sinks are UPC listed in the US and Canada.  All listed sinks meet ADA compliance when installed correctly.  Additionally the majority of our custom sink projects will also meet UPC certification - please speak with our sink specialist to qualify your project.
See listing here: Trueform UPC Sink certificate of listing

 Q- Can all sinks be wall mounted and float on brackets?

A- Whether a sink can successfully be wall mounted all depends on the site conditions and the wall structure.  There are only minor instances when a sink can not be wall hung. 

  • Standard wood stud wall framing - The easiest way to utilize our floating sink brackets to wall hang a concrete sink
  • Steel stud wall framing - Studs will need to be reinforced with wood or another material to properly support the floating sink brackets
  • CMU wall construction & tile walls - This condition typically poses challenges to wall mounting a sink. Trueform will create custom bracketing systems to solve mounting sinks when the walls are already finished or are CMU Block.  If the condition prohibits bracketing systems, try our Zen Sink line.

Q- Can a sink size be made larger or smaller?

A- Think about the sink basin, or opening, as a separate part before the casting process. The sink is created using a "sink mold" that is placed in a "form". Trueform can control the placement of that sink mold inside of the sink form. Yes, this means that the sink form can be made to an endless configuration of sizes, while the sink mold will always remain the same size.  This is why you must first pick the sink shape first, because that determines which "sink mold" we will be placing in the "Form".

Q- Can Trueform make custom sink shapes?
A- Yes - because concrete can be cast it in almost any shape, it gives us the flexibility to create endless sink shapes. Although Trueform has an extensive sink shape library, custom sinks shapes can be made for an additional cost.  Each sink shape will need to be quoted by our sink specialist. Click Here to reach our sink specialist or call: 1-888-474-7977

The Anatomy of a Concrete Sink

What is an integral sink?

Because concrete can be cast into complex structures and shapes, our fabricators can cast a concrete countertop and a sink combined into one unit.  When both the sink and the countertop are connected, the term is referred to as an integral concrete sink. Sometimes it gets confusing while discussing the countertop vs. the sink portion of the unit.  Think about a swimming pool and the concrete walkway around it.  Like a sink, the pool has a shape, size, and depth to it, while the surrounding concrete deck or patio reflects the countertop portion of the sink example.  Together they become an entire pool area or countertop/sink combination.  Think about the countertop and the sink portion as two separate entities before we pour concrete over them.  So we have complete control over the location of where we place the sink on the countertop, as well as the size of the finished countertop and the shape of the sink. 

There are two types of sinks that Trueform offers:

  • Floating & wall hung concrete sinks
    • These sinks sit on brackets that mount to the wall before sheetrock and wall tile using our Floating Sink Brackets.
    • Large concrete sinks over 72" sink will need steel support hidden under the front apron edge.
    • Can meet ADA compliance
    • Can be used for residential or commercial applicaitons
    • 3 site conditions for floating sinks: open on all three sides - sink touches one side wall and the back - sink is inbetween two side walls and the back
    • Typical mounting height is 34" to 36" from finished floor to finished countertop.  ADA=34"
  • Concrete sinks that sit on vanity bases
    • Can be installed after bathroom construction has been completed
    • Materials for the vanity base include wood, steel, and concrete
    • Can meet ADA compliance
    • Can be used for residential or commercial applicaitons
    • The concrete will always have a minimum of 1/4" ovehang over the base on the Left-Front-Right sides.
    • Typical height is 34" to 36" from finished floor to finished countertop.  ADA=34"


Sink & Countertop Overhangs

A sink or countertop overhang refers to the amount of concrete material that extends past a base cabinet or sub structure. Some large and exaggerated overhangs in a kitchen become areas that act like tables to sit and eat.

A base cabinet will always be smaller than the concrete, and yes, the concrete will always be larger than the base structure it is sitting on.  All of Trueform Concrete's products require a 1/4" minimum overhang past the cabinet base. Because the corners and edges of all our concrete products are sanded by hand, there is a slight round over to even the bottom undersides of our products.  In wet settings this will also assist as a small drip edge for water that might migrate down the sink or countertop edge.

Examples of a 1/4" minimum overhang


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