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About 2 hours from Manhattan, resting in the palm of the Hudson Valley, something rather beautiful has emerged. It arrives amid the big, boisterous grip of modern civilization, at a time defined by the quick fix of sound bytes and avatars. It was conceived as an antidote to the “all that is” zeitgeist and instead promises “all that matters”. And upon that premise it delivers. A contemporary living retreat, Hudson Woods is the kind of place that literally attenuates time, draws it out. With sweeping mountain views, trail systems, access to sport and craft, and a palpable sense of serenity, Hudson Woods is more of an experience than a location.


Hudson Woods is a signature project by Manhattan-based firm Lang Architecture. Consisting of 26 modern dwellings that blend seamlessly into 131 acres of pristine Hudson Valley land, its mission was to redefine the genre of modern living while setting new standards for design and sustainability excellence. This was achieved through a combination of sustainable building practices, elegant design, efficient power, and local material selections.

From the very onset, each lot was carefully etched from the foliage to preserve as much of the heritage landscape as possible. Sprinkled throughout private swaths of sturdy maples and oaks, the homes are minimalistic, eco-friendly and meticulously crafted from locally-sourced materials. With the opportunity to upgrade to high-efficiency appliances and heating/cooling systems, owners become shareholders in pursuit of reducing their footprint.

“Create authentic, meaningful experiences at every turn” is the prevailing philosophy of Drew Lang, Principal. Lang went through great lengths to utilize materials that were locally-sourced, sustainable, and which reflected the narrative of Hudson Woods. Natural materials such as wood and stone abound throughout both internal and external features of the complex. Crushed bluestone from the site was repurposed into driveways. Cedar clads all exteriors. White oak lines the floors, walls and cabinetry. Each home features large windows and open floor plans that provide continuous reference to the surrounding trees, hills, and light. The effect is an effortless balance that appears to blur the line between nature and dwelling.

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Essential to the success of the Hudson Woods project was the collaboration between the Lang team and the individuals that would translate the plans and concepts into the physical realm. Lang assembled a suite of makers, builders, creators, and storytellers to generate the necessary forms and textures. Trueform Concrete was called upon to craft custom concrete countertops for the kitchens and bathrooms. “Durable, tactile, and uniform, concrete provides the perfect foil for the natural elements that lend detail and warmth to the bathrooms in the Hudson Woods home”, explains Drew Lang. “Trueform are both flexible and highly collaborative partners that hold themselves to exacting standards. They delivered and uncompromising finished product that our home-owners truly love".


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At its core, Hudson Woods is really about connection. Each of its constituent elements was painstakingly curated to reveal an environment that brings inhabitants closer to nature, to each other, and to self. But it is beyond the material realm where the true magic of this community is experienced. Owners have access to a variety of site-specific activities including gardening, crafting, biking, and even beekeeping. Of course, the Hudson Valley itself offers a number of its own experiences such as hiking, water sports, and visits to family- owned farms, among other things. Whether you’re seeking the private solace of a good book or hosting friends for some craft beer and fire-cooked cuisine, this is the ideal place to do it.


Photo Credit: Hudson Woods

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