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Trueform custom concrete kitchen countertops for the home, hotel, bar, hospital, business, dining or living room

Welcome to Trueform Concrete!  Based out of New Jersey, Trueform brings a unique perspective to the functional and practical use of concrete.  
Trueform Concrete fabricates decorative precast concrete products for both residential and commercial applications, specializing in concrete countertops, concrete bathroom sinks, concrete tables, fireplace surrounds, and many other quality custom concrete products.

Trueform templates and installs projects within the Tri-state area and can also build projects to spec and ship them both nationally and internationally.  Though custom concrete kitchen countertops are perhaps concrete's most familiar expression, precast concrete is rapidly emerging as the material of choice for many other applications.  Whether you’re in search of durability, an endless color palette, or a unique appearance - concrete products offer what other materials do not – customization.

We invite you to use our website as a tool to learn more about concrete and the many ways that it can be utilized in your home or business.  Take a tour through our digital portfolio, browse our products, or reach out to a Trueform Concrete representative to begin designing the perfect product for your needs.  We look forward to hearing from you!

 Trueform custom concrete sink for the bathroom. Ada compliance for the home, office, hotel, bar, hospital, bathroom
Trueform custom concrete table for the kitchen, dining room, conference room, bar, hospital, hotel, or office.
Trueform custom concrete kitchen countertops for the home, hotel, bar, hospital, business, dining or living room. Counter.

Trueform custom concrete fireplace surround, wall panel, and tub surround.

Custom Concrete Products - If you can imagine it, we will build it!

Concrete transcends most materials.  This liquid to solid stone allows complete manipulation of shape and appearance.  It’s no surprise that architects and designers are intrigued by concrete and have been utilizing it in their designs for centuries.  The appearance of each concrete product displays the process and the story in which it was cast, similar to how our lives and experiences shape who we are.  Our process creates a well-crafted and aesthetically pleasing product to those who appreciate and understand the true beauty of this material.