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3 Reasons You Need a Three Season Room

Many have long tried to find ways to bring the outdoors in and make their outdoor spaces more comfortable. That’s really what a three season room is all about.

What is a three season room exactly? It’s an enclosed patio of sorts that isn’t quite indoors and isn’t quite outdoors. It is attached to the house but isn’t heated or cooled and has walls that are glass or screening. It’s a space that can be very pleasant for at least three seasons of the year.

Here are three reasons why you need a three season room and how easy it is to get one.

More Living Space

A three season room is like being outdoors while still in the house. You’re protected from bugs, rain, and wind but still can enjoy your favorite things about the outdoors. With a three season room, you’re actually expanding your living space.

You can use a three season room for many things. It can be a greenhouse, a sitting room, a place to entertain, and more. For most of the year, it’s a fully functional room in your home. A room that won’t increase your heating or cooling bill. It allows you to increase your square footage with the least amount of impact to the structure of your home.


Outdoor dining area with concrete table.

Renovation Feel Without the Renovation

Adding a three season room gives you the results of a renovation without all the hassle of a renovation. You’ll make no structural changes to your home besides adding some walls and windows. There’s no plumbing required, no wiring for electrical.

You’ll effectively add another room to your house with a minimum of work and investment. You may choose to go with retractable glass walls or simply add many large windows. Or, if you want to let a little more nature in, go for a screened walls. The best part of adding a three season room is that you’ll add value to your home. Outdoor spaces are in high demand in the housing market. If you ever decide to sell, this might become a great selling point.


Three season room with colorful accessories.

Comfortable Outdoors

Let’s face it, the outdoors isn’t always as comfortable as you might wish. Mosquitos, sunburns, wind, rain, and sheer unpredictability can put a damper on your plans. The three season room attempts to remove all those uncomfortable things and make the outdoors pleasant nearly any day of the year.

Because the three season room is enclosed, you have the opportunity to treat it more like an indoor space than an outdoor one. You can install a fireplace, sofa, or your favorite flooring and not have to worry about whether or not you’ve chosen something suitable for the outdoors.

One excellent option for furnishing your three season room is concrete. This up-and-coming material is no longer just for the patio. It’s high-tech, high-style and has the perfect aesthetic for a three season room—not too outdoorsy and as beautiful and comfortable as your living room furniture. You can have a beautifully designed  dining tableend tablefireplace surround, and even an outdoor kitchen made from concrete.

Now is the time to invite the outdoors in with a three season room. There is no better way to enjoy your favorite parts of the outdoors while still keeping the perks of the indoors.

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