Bespoke Countertops

Your most versatile option. Our concrete countertops are tailor-made specifically for you. There are endless design options, both functional and aesthetic. Whether for residential or commercial spaces, our GFRC countertops are handcrafted in the USA - with the highest quality materials and processes - to help you achieve your design vision.

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Creative Latitude

Edge Details

Select the size, depth, shape, and style of your concrete countertop edges.

Color & Finish

We can produce nearly any color and offer multiple textures and finishes.

Integrated Features

Our countertops are purpose-built for you. Get creative with built-in features and conveniences. Specify what you want, exactly how you want it.

Size & Dimensions

Concrete is not constrained by slab sizes (like other stones) and can be cast in large, seamless pieces.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Trueform Concrete countertops are safe for outdoor use. We use high-strength GFRC concrete mix and UV-stable sealer.

Radical Shapes

Create something extraordinary for your residential or commercial project. Let’s turn your dream into reality.

Colors & Finishes

Concrete permits endless color and finishing possibilities, making it the ideal material for those with very specific color needs. Choose from our 8 signature colors – each in 3 different finishes. Select one of our stunning Woodform finishes. Or, provide us with any Benjamin Moore color swatch and we will match it.

Colors & Finishes

TRUSEAL Protection

Whatever finish or color you opt for, take comfort in knowing that your concrete countertop is protected. TRUSEAL is a proprietary, multi-layer coating that Trueform applies to all of our handmade concrete products. Once dried, it forms a hard, UV-safe skin on the surface that shields it from staining while enhancing your concrete’s natural color and patina.

TRUSEAL Protection

How It Works
  • Design & Plan

    It all begins with a plan. Determine the color, finish, and thickness of your concrete countertops and decide on any other unique attributes (waterfall legs, inlays, features, etc.). It’s best to provide the project location and submit plans with dimensions (drawings, CAD File, etc.). Give us a call so we can walk you through all the required details.

  • Inquiry & Quote

    When your design is complete, submit your plans (drawings, CAD file, etc.) and we will provide a quote. We will discuss the project scope and timing, and Trueform can determine what fabrication method is best considering the setting and installation. Once the contract is finalized we are ready to go.

  • Fabrication

    Certain projects will require on-site visits and templates (inquire for more info). After final drawings or templates are secured, Trueform starts with building custom molds, followed by the fabrication process whereby your countertops are cast, cured, processed, and then coated with our proprietary TRUESEAL technology.

  • Install or Ship

    So long as your site is adequately prepped, your concrete countertops are now ready to be set in place. We either deliver them to you or - if you are in the tri-state area - our experienced install team will set them in place for you.