Concrete Samples

Trueform’s color samples, complete with sealer treatment, provide an accurate representation of the color and finish you can expect on your product or project. We recommend obtaining samples prior to deciding on your final color. The appearance may vary slightly between samples and the finished products due to curing conditions and other natural phenomena. Sample costs can be credited towards your future product purchase. Ask your Sales Associate for more info.

Signature Finishes


Our CLASSIC finish is the most popular and versatile finish we offer.

Appearance: Smooth and uniform with a satin finish. Visible are fine sand particles and soft, subtle gradations.

Applications: All surfaces - including countertops, sinks, table tops, reception desks, benches & seating, wall panels, fireplace surrounds, shelves, etc. Indoor and outdoor use.


Our FOUNDRY finish is unique with an understated charm.

Appearance: Naturally mottled and varied with the surface having a hand-troweled look. Satin finish.

Applications: Most surfaces - including countertops, sinks, table tops, reception desks, benches, wall panels, fireplaces, surrounds, shelves, etc. Excludes sink basins. Indoor and outdoor use.


Our INDUSTRIAL finish is raw and untamed, making it popular for those seeking a distressed aesthetic.

Appearance: Visible are unfilled air pores and crevices. Satin finish.

Applications: Vertical surfaces only - including wall cladding, fireplace surrounds, sink aprons, table top edges, table bases, reception desks, etc. Indoor and outdoor use.

Custom Colors

Concrete gives you the ultimate freedom and flexibility because it can be cast in any imaginable color.

Trueform has extensive experience with coloring and can produce pieces that match nearly any Benjamin Moore swatch.

Need a custom color? Call us at 888.376.1706 or email us below.

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Benjamin Moore Color Trends

First Light


Wild Flower


White Heron






Buxton Blue


Finishes Guide

View all of our colors in our Classic, Foundry, and Industrial finishes - as well as examples of how they appear on finished products in this guide.

Finishes Guide