Bespoke Concrete Fireplace Surrounds

Since our inception, Trueform Concrete has been helping designers, architects, and homeowners design concrete fireplace surrounds as the focal point of their projects. With its effortless patina and ability to be adapted into any style or setting, few materials frame the theater of a live fire better than decorative concrete.

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What We Make

Single-Piece Surrounds

Seamless surrounds custom-built to fit your in-wall or ventless fireplaces precisely.

Wrap-Around Panels

We fabricate panels that can cap existing structures for a fully built-in aesthetic.

Board-Formed Panels

Concrete is cast against actual wood planks to create a rustic-modern farmhouse look.

On-Wall Surrounds

Framed fireplace surrounds with floating hearths are one of the many solutions concrete offers.

Asymmetrical Designs

You are not confined to pre-determined shapes, styles, or sizes. Each fireplace surround is custom built.

Novel Approaches

Why adhere to convention? Some projects demand an architectural twist. Go bold with a concrete fireplace surround.

Colors & Finishes

Concrete permits endless color and finishing possibilities, making it the ideal material for those with very specific color needs. Choose from our 8 signature colors – each in 3 different finishes. Select one of our stunning Woodform finishes. Or, provide us with any Benjamin Moore color swatch and we will match it.

Colors & Finishes


Whatever finish or color you opt for, take comfort in knowing that your concrete is protected. TRUSEAL is a proprietary, multi-layer coating that Trueform applies to all of our handmade concrete products. Once dried, it forms a hard, UV-safe skin on the surface that shields it from staining while enhancing your concrete’s natural color and patina.


How it works
  • Design & Plan

    It all begins with an idea. You determine the color, dimensions, finish and other attributes of the overall project. If you need guidance or clarity on overall feasibility, reach out to us for assistance.

  • Inquiry & Quote

    When your design is complete, submit your plans (drawings, CAD file, etc.) and we will provide a quote. We will discuss the project scope and timing, and Trueform can help determine what fabrication method would be most appropriate for the setting and installation. Note that some project require an on-site visit. Once details are finalized, the contract is created and signed and we’re ready to go!

  • Fabrication

    After final drawings or templates are secured, Trueform starts with building custom molds, followed by the fabrication process whereby your panels are cast, cured, processed, and then coated with our proprietary TRUESEAL technology.

  • Ship & Install

    Once your order is ready, we either ship them to you or (if local) our experienced install team may set them in place for you. Be sure your space is prepped and ready to receive your concrete wall panels.