Chelsea Concrete Dining Table

Chelsea Concrete Dining Table

Chelsea Concrete Dining Table

Chelsea Concrete Dining Table

Outdoor Living

Elegant. Handcrafted. Concrete.

Built for Life.

Our range of heirloom-quality, outdoor concrete pieces are handcrafted in the USA and bring minimalistic style and sophistication to any space.

Built For You.

Whether you are planning a rustic backyard retreat or an urban rooftop oasis, concrete delivers the flexibility, personality, and longevity that your unique lifestyle demands. This makes it one of the most versatile and useful design mediums available. Let's talk about how we can collaborate on bringing your one-of-a-kind outdoor project to life.

Why Concrete?

Unique Textures

Surfaces that are smooth, rough, textured or patterned are all achievable by our artisans.

Woodform Concrete

Our revolutionary Woodform® offers the appearance and sensation of rustic wood but with the durability of stone.

Design Harmony

Align your outdoor theme by dictating the overall look, feel and aesthetic of your custom piece.

Radical Shapes

Our custom form capabilities allow for complex shapes such as curves to be fabricated with accuracy.

Integrated Features

Custom concrete pieces are purpose-built and can accommodate features from other manufacturers.

Endless Colors & Finishes

Concrete permits endless colors and finishes, making it the ideal material for those with very specific needs.

TRUESEAL Protection

Whatever product you opt for, take comfort in knowing that your concrete is protected from the elements. TRUSEAL is a proprietary, multi-layer coating that we apply to all of our handmade concrete products. Once dried, it forms a hard, UV-safe skin on the surface that shields it from staining while enhancing your concrete’s natural color and patina.

TRUESEAL Protection

Transforming your outdoor space into a haven of style and functionality is now within reach with our exclusive line of concrete creations. Crafted in the USA by skilled artisans, our signature Products and custom outdoor living pieces are tailored to suit diverse outdoor areas, from urban rooftops to luxurious backyard oases. 

Embodying a modern, minimalist aesthetic, our concrete designs are not only visually stunning but also built to last. Utilizing the finest materials and processes, each piece is treated with a protective outdoor concrete sealer, ensuring durability and longevity against the elements.   

Elevate your outdoor experience with our bespoke-quality concrete solutions, where style meets resilience in every meticulously crafted detail.  

Signature Products

Our extensive range of products is designed to cater to diverse tastes and settings, offering a myriad of colors, finishes, and sizes to complement any environment. Whether it's for a cozy backyard retreat or a bustling commercial space, our pieces are adaptable to both residential and commercial settings, adding a touch of sophistication wherever they're placed.   

If our existing collection doesn't quite meet your vision, fear not; we welcome collaboration to bring your unique ideas to life, ensuring every detail of your outdoor space reflects your individual style and preferences.

Concrete Living

Concrete epitomizes versatility and durability, seamlessly adapting to your lifestyle and outdoor space needs. From outdoor kitchens to coffee tables, benches to fire features, concrete effortlessly expresses itself through various functional objects, creating a cohesive and harmonious ambiance. 

What sets concrete apart is its innate ability to be shaped, molded, and personalized, ensuring each piece is as unique as the individual it serves. Whether it's customizing a tabletop or sculpting a planter, concrete empowers you to craft one-of-a-kind functional pieces that perfectly align with your vision and preferences.  


Are concrete dining tables suitable for outdoor use?

Concrete tables are well-suited for outdoor environments due to their durability and resilience against various weather conditions. They are highly resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and UV exposure, making them an excellent choice for outdoor settings. 

Additionally, concrete tables offer a stylish and modern aesthetic that can enhance the overall design of outdoor spaces while providing a sturdy surface for dining, entertaining, or lounging. With proper maintenance and care, concrete tables can withstand the elements and remain functional and attractive for many years.  

How do I protect my outdoor concrete dining table?

Concrete can easily withstand all kinds of weather and seasons. To ensure the initial beauty and longevity of your concrete table, clean it regularly with mild soap and water and gentle scrubbing. Avoid using sharp objects or placing hot pans on the surface as it may damage the protective sealer on your concrete table.   

In the case of extreme temperatures, consider covering it. Inspect the surface occasionally and or buff out any scratches in the sealed surface. Should the surface wear down and become dull over time or from excessive use, resealing the top is recommended to maintain a barrier against moisture, UV, and stains.

Are concrete countertops suitable for outdoor use?

Concrete countertops can be suitable for outdoor use, provided they are properly sealed with a high-quality outdoor concrete countertop sealer. All Trueform products are sealed for optimum protection against the elements.

How do you maintain outdoor concrete countertops?

It’s important to recognize that outdoor environments will challenge a product of any material far more than indoor environments will. However, regular maintenance, including cleaning, helps preserve a concrete countertop’s durability. While outdoor concrete countertops can endure most conditions, providing shelter or protection from direct sunlight and rain can further prolong their lifespan. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and scoring pads as this will also scratch and weaken the sealer. Should your environment or lifestyle end up damaging your countertops,
they can be renewed. Trueform offers Chip Repair Kits and Surface Resealing Kits for DIY-friendly individuals while also offering professional, on-site surface repairs.