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Concrete Wall Panels 101

Architects, builders, and designers in the market for a smarter wall design are increasingly turning to concrete wall panels – and with good reason.

Whether for a residential or commercial space, concrete precast wall panels take any wall to the next level, providing not only a wholly durable design but also one that speaks to sleek and contemporary tastes.

First: what are concrete wall panels?

Concrete wall panels, also known as precast concrete wall panels, are thin, lightweight concrete tiles that can be manufactured and customized in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures.

These precast panels are produced by casting concrete in a mold or form and then cured in a controlled environment. The term "precast" refers to the fact that the panels are cast before they are transported to the project site. This allows for greater control over the complete fabrication process of the panel, resulting in a top-of-the-line product.

At our facility in New Jersey, all of our concrete wall panels are completely made entirely by hand from start to finish by our talented Trueform craftsmen. From simpler projects (like fireplace surrounds or kitchen backsplashes) to full-scale commercial projects (like the walls of hotel lobbies or office building atriums), concrete wall panels are appropriate in a wide variety of applications.

At Trueform Concrete, our standard precast wall panels are ⅝” thick and can vary in size depending on the capacity and overall job application. When it comes to color choice, Trueform Concrete offers eight different color finishes while offering custom color matching for any project you have in mind.

Note that Trueform manufactures concrete wall panels for interior applications only and not for exterior cladding or facades. <br< 


Gray concrete wall panels at a Wolfgang Puck Restaurant.


What are the advantages of concrete wall panels?

Beyond their clean and modern style, concrete wall panels offer other undeniable benefits, especially when considering their long-term viability in comparison to traditional wall materials like drywall or wood.

Here are some of the main advantages of choosing concrete wall panels for your next commercial project:

  1. Durability - Precast concrete wall panels are exceptionally resistant to erosion and weathering (in the case of exterior usage), as well as to abrasion and impact. Because of this, the concrete is largely maintenance free, which can result in substantial cost savings over the long-term.
  2. Aesthetics - Concrete wall panels can be made to harmonize with numerous aesthetics, ranging from raw, industrial projects to warm, textured interiors. Aside from the color options (and custom colors) Trueform offers, you can also choose between various finishes, such as classic, foundry, and industrial, and add specialty effects like stenciling, texturing, and embossing.
  3. Energy Efficiency - When used to clad a facade, concrete wall panels make it possible to install recessed windows, vertical fins, and various sculptured shapes as shading devices to reduce glare and solar gain – which wouldn’t be possible with insulated metal panels. Furthermore, the inherent thermal mass inertia of precast concrete reduces peak heating and cooling loads, saving energy year-round by minimizing daily temperature swings. (Please note that Trueform manufactures concrete wall panels for interior use only.)
  4. Fire Safety - Precast concrete panels are inherently fire resistant, which is not only important in complying with commercial building regulations, but also in eliminating the need for additional fireproofing measures.

With all of these advantages and with their striking aesthetic appeal, concrete wall panels are an excellent option for many different projects – including commercial offices, restaurants, hotels, home residences, and so much more.

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