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Pay Attention to These HOT Concrete Interior Design Trends

Modern-day design is dynamic and appealing, and concrete is one of the key contributors. Instead of lifeless buildings devoid of any character, concrete can tie your space together and introduce versatility both functionally and aesthetically.

Whether it’s inside your dining room or outside on your patio, the perfect project makes concrete count. Here's how concrete products pair with trending design styles to transform the spaces around them.

What’s a Design Style?

Design styles are a lot like personalities. Despite the many different factors that influence these styles, including color, texture, and shapes, each one has its own unique approach. Adding the right concrete design features like furniture and décor will enhance this personality while staying within your specific design style.

Want to add a bit of personality to your home? Follow these popular design trends.

Collage of images of concrete countertops in modern kitchens.


If you crave simplicity, then minimalism is the right style for you. A minimalist design is all about the basics, emphasizing form and function over color and other “complicated” features. The hallmarks of minimalism include neutral colors, natural light, open floor plans, and straightforward shapes.

Concrete excels in a minimalist interior design style for a few reasons:

Color: Concrete’s natural color is gray, which is one of the most common neutral colors.

Shape: Many concrete furniture pieces—like tables, countertops, and vanities—are in uniform shapes with clean lines.

Texture: The smoothness of concrete is a natural counterbalance for the grain of wood, a minimalist staple. Woodform Concrete by Trueform Concrete looks exactly like wood with the benefits of concrete, which could be used as a contrasting element or a substitute.

Minimalism also works well with concrete exteriors, like your:

Patio: Concrete benches are an easy way to add contrast and balance to an uncomplicated backdrop like your patio. It works especially well in a lighter concrete color to pair with the wooden features.

Three-Seasons Room: Woodform Concrete is an excellent choice for three seasons rooms. It encompasses many designs and works well with many other décor pieces. You’re also getting a clean, decluttered surface with the structural fortitude that concrete provides.

Concrete provides the balance and the backdrop that minimalism requires. Looking for a variation of minimalism with a more expressive inclination? It’s time to look at brutalism.

Collage of concrete wall panels, and sinks in classic gray color.


Brutalism borrows minimalism's color palette and lack of decorations while adding an extra element of shape and texture.

Many brutalist buildings are known for their raw look, featuring big sections of simple shapes—mainly rectangles and squares—and an unpainted concrete façade. The interior follows suit with a stripped-down look that shuns small decorations while prioritizing big statement pieces, simple shapes, and unfinished-looking textures.

Concrete excels in a brutalist interior design style. Here’s why:

Color: Just like minimalism, concrete naturally fits a brutalist color palette. That includes a classic concrete finish and darker finishes like Charcoal.

Shape: Concrete tables, vanities, countertops, benches and sinks are rectangular and square by nature. Wall panels are especially great here, offering clean-cut shapes while making a bigger statement than other alternatives.

Texture: Concrete surfaces come in a variety of finishes, including more unfinished options. The rawest look Trueform Concrete offers is an Industrial finish, featuring visible crevices that are more distressed.

Here’s how brutalism will work on your exterior:

Patio: Choose one of our concrete tables for a brutalist statement piece. Many options work inside and outside, using simple shapes to create an advanced design that maximizes form without sacrificing aesthetics.

Three-Seasons Room: Want something bigger, bolder, and practical? You can’t go wrong with a concrete fireplace surround. If your three-season room doesn’t have a fireplace, a custom concrete table or a décor piece will also work.

Brutalism and minimalism are long-tenured design styles that are known for concrete applications. But there’s one more design style you need to explore that’s just as tenured and ideal for concrete.

Collage of kitchens in mid century modern style with concrete freatures.
Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern designs are very similar to minimalist and brutalist designs. Just like the first two design styles, mid-century modern is all about functionality. It also combines the geometric shapes and raw textures of brutalism with the natural elements and open spaces of minimalism. But one of the key differences is the bolder color palettes, especially lighter yellows, oranges, and other warm colors.

So how do you use concrete to maximize mid-century modern interior designs? Make sure to emphasize:

Color: Earlier mid-century modern designs were on the lighter side, which means a soft grey finish works especially well in this style. And don’t be afraid to pair splashes of light color with neutral-colored concrete. Bold and bright are hallmarks of mid-century modern, so you’re set to experiment as long as there's balance.

Shape: Beyond the typical shapes like squares and rectangles, mid-century modern design works well with custom-designed concrete. You’ll be able to create a slightly bolder design that’s still functional.

Texture: Raw finishes, contrasting materials, wooden elements, and synthetics are all staples of this design style. Woodform Concrete checks all these boxes, but almost any furniture piece by Trueform Concrete will provide the proper texture.

Want a mid-century modern exterior? Here’s what you need to know.

Collage of outdoor spaces with concrete features like fireplace, firetable and concrete kitchen.
Patio: The raw look of Woodform Concrete works well outside. These uncluttered furniture pieces look realistic while maintaining the durability of concrete.


Three seasons room with covered electric fireplace.
Three-Seasons Room: Furniture is critical in mid-century modern design. For the perfect three-seasons room furniture pieces, go ahead and customize your concrete.

Character, convenience, and creativity converge to form these fascinating concrete design styles. Looking for more design ideas?

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