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What’s Trending in Concrete Furniture

The great thing about concrete is how versatile it is. Concrete can be made into any form for any purpose. It’s wriggled it’s way into our hearts for everything from sculpture to indoor concrete furniture. It overcomes stereotypes of being too cold, too heavy, and too rough and has become a favored material used far beyond the backyard patio.

Where will you find concrete these days? Trends in concrete furniture are surprising and pleasant. Take a look at all the places concrete furniture is trending.


Concrete is one of the hottest table materials right now. It blends well in many styles and doesn't look as industrial as you might expect. It can be made into custom sizes and shapes for a unique dining room design. It can have apron sides (somewhat like an apron sink) that make the table look thicker than it is. It can be made in a variety of colors far beyond gray. The finish on a concrete table can be anywhere from a super smooth polish to a slightly textured surface. All concrete tables are sealed.

Concrete coffee tables are all the rage. Their modern look can be minimalist chic or even sculptural. They may have elegantly carved wood legs or be more solid-looking cubes, or cylinders. They may be classic coffee table shapes or something unusual. They can be customized to any size and shape you like so they’re perfect for any size or style living room.


Add concrete to your décor. It’s classic and sophisticated but fresh too. Concrete décor goes far beyond yard ornaments. Think vases, sculpture, bowls, etc. Concrete accessories add a breath of coolness that lifts any design.

Indoor concrete fountains add ambiance with distinctive style. Consider a statement piece with rustic flair like a primitive concrete wheel. A concrete bench placed incidentally adds functionality and style.

Concrete fireplace surround in a global themed living room.

Concrete Lighting

Most lighting has glass or other transparent materials so concrete lighting is a unique departure from the usual. It creates a confident accent lighting that stands out among other pendant lights. New concrete blends result in products that are more durable and lighter weight—perfect for a hanging light.

Concrete standing lamps are also in vogue. Their straightforward, minimal design provides angular lines and rustic industrial style. They are self-contained and don’t often require shades. Their chill design suits everything from hygge to industrial.

Concrete Fireplace Surrounds

Not interested in brick or stone for the fireplace? Consider concrete. A simple concrete fireplace surround is the perfect material for both looks and functionality. Complete the look with a hearth. Choose from neutral grays and beiges that go with any color scheme.

Extend your fireplace concept and go for a full concrete wall where the fireplace is. Today’s concrete wall panels are lighter weight, smoother, and appropriate for any setting. Wall panels aren’t just for commercial settings anymore. Homeowners are bringing them into their spaces in droves.

Large kitchen with gray concrete countertops and green tile backsplash.


Concrete countertops are still hot. The drive for smoother textures, visually and physically, on the kitchen countertops made concrete an ideal choice. It’s available in neutral colors, warm and cool. Or get a custom color in any Benjamin Moore color. Colored countertops are especially on-trend on the island, where homeowners add a significant pop of color.

Concrete countertops are poured to the specs of your kitchen. They can even be made without seams depending on the layout of your kitchen.

Add some trending concrete furniture and décor to your home with one of these hot concrete trends.

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