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Wall mounting sinks doesn't have to be a nightmare.  With a little wall preperation and simple instuctions, wall mounting a concrete sink should be a pretty simple task.  Trueform Concrete has created several simple ways to mount your wall hung concrete sink.  Below are the four most common site conditions for a wall hung sink.   

 l-t-brackets.jpg   Floating Sink Brackets: FSB-T & FSB-L
Hang a sink using "L" or "T" Brackets

 Download Bracket Mounting Instruction Sheet 

PURCHASE NOW: "L" Floating Sink Brackets
PURCHASE NOW: "T" Flaoting Sink Brackets

The amount of "L" of "T" Brackets will be dependent on the length of your floating sink.  These brackets can be used for many other applications such as: shower benches, wall benches, floating fireplace hearths, and other floating shelve applications.   

 one-bracket.jpg   Floating Sink Kit: FSK-1B
Hang a sink by one side wall and one bracket (L or T) upto 60" or less

 Download Floating Sink Kit FSK-1B Instruction Sheet 

PURCHASE NOW: Floating Sink Kit: FSK-1B

This kit consists of two wall cleats and either one "L" Bracket or one "T" Bracket. The Wall Bracket must be secured to wall stud prior to sheet rock and tile, while wall cleats can be placed on after tile and/or painting. 


Interactive 3D Model - Click the image to begin

The model shows how the FLO-30V-ADA would be made if it were to be installed against a wall on its left side. The FSK-1B floating sink kit would be utilized in this scenario.


 two-walls-no-front.jpg   Floating Sink Kit: FSK-WC
Hang a sink between two walls with a span 60" or less 

 Download Floating Sink Kit FSK-WC Instruction Sheet

PURCHASE NOW: Floating Sink Kit: FSK-WC

This kit consists of two side wall cleets and one back wall cleat.  It is reccomended that they are installed over the finished sheet rock, painted wall, or tiled wall.  This kit is perfect for applications where the sink is between two side walls and the span is less no greater than 60". 

 two-wall-bar.jpg   Floating Sink Kit: FSK-WCB
Hang a sink between two walls with a span 84" or less

 Download Floating Sink Kit FSK-WCB Instruction Sheet 


This kit consists of two side wall cleats, one back wall cleat and on front support bar.  This kit gives your floating sink the needed support over longer spans without concern of structural failure under normal usage.  

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