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Trueform Concrete is a leader in the art of fabricating concrete sinks, excelling in producing standardized and custom concrete sinks for both commercial and residential applications.  We create everything from innovative modern wall hung sinks to classic and timeless sinks and vanity sets.  At Trueform, we understand the importance of meeting lead times and are confident we will deliver your sink on time and to your exact specifications. View our Custom Trueform Sink Portfolio below to see examples of different concrete sink styles, colors, and options.  Ready to begin designing the perfect sink for you?  Contact a Trueform Representative or use the buttons on this page to help you get started.  We look forward to working with you!

Interactive Floating Sink Model - Click the image to begin (will take a moment to load the model)

Helpful Concrete Sink Facts

  • Choose from either a standardized Trueform Concrete Bathroom Sink or have us create a custom sink to meet your specifications.
  • Concrete Sink Shapes: We have an extensive sink library with many sizes and shapes.
  • All sinks are completely made by hand from start to finish by talented craftsmen in our New Jersey facility.
  • Sink projects local to New Jersey are templated and installed by Trueform Concrete. Out-of-state and international projects are built to spec and shipped to your location.
  • For commercial spaces our Wall Hung Sinks are made to meet ADA compliance.
  • Our sinks are lightweight and can be made to the appearance of any thickness.
  • Your sink can be made to either sit on a vanity base or float on a wall.
  • Inquire about volume pricing for commercial sinks for residential apartments and condos, hotels, restaurants or office spaces. Trueform Concrete Trade Loyalty.
  • There are 8 standard concrete colors to choose from.  Custom colors can also be made.  See Trueform's Color Options
  • All of our sinks are treated with a topcoat sealer. With basic care and use, our sinks will perform very well over time.  See our Care & Use Sheet
  • Your sinks will display variation and random markings that are absolutely acceptable for concrete products.