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Custom Concrete Kitchen and Dining Tables

Custom Concrete table

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There is an unmistakable presence that a concrete table has in a dining room, kitchen, living room or commercial space. Each component of a Trueform Concrete table is hand made by local artisans and represents the quality and attention to detail that has been lost over time. Concrete paired with either steel or wood table bases creates a beautiful combination of time-tested materials. You can purchase a standardized custom kitchen or dining room concrete table or table top through our online store or you can have a custom table fabricated to meet your specifications. Ready to begin designing the perfect table for you?  Contact a Trueform Representative or use the navigation above to help you get started.  We look forward to working with you!

Helpful Concrete Table Facts

  • All tabletops are completely made by hand from start to finish by talented craftsmen in our New Jersey facility. 
  • Choose from either a standardized Trueform Custom Kitchen or Dining Concrete Table or create a custom table to meet your specifications.
  • Table projects local to New Jersey can be delivered by Trueform Concrete. Out-of-state and international projects are built to spec and shipped to your location.
  • Our dining tables have a finished height of 30". Coffee tables and specialty table heights will vary per design.
  • Tabletops are typically 1" thick throughout with thicker built up edges (aprons) to give a thicker appearance. This also helps reduces the weight of the tabletop. Our tables are not as heavy as you would think - call or email us if you think weight is a concern.
  • We produce concrete tables for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Inquire about volume pricing for commercial offices, restaurants or hospitality projects. Trueform Concrete Trade Loyalty.
  • There are 10 standard concrete colors to choose from.  Custom colors can also be made.  See Trueform's Color Options
  • All of our tabletops are treated with a topcoat sealer. With basic care and use, they will perform very well over time.  See our Care & Use Sheet
  • Your tables will display variation and random markings that are absolutely acceptable for concrete, steel and wood products.