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  • Sealer Repair Kit 9
  • Sealer Repair Kit 9 resealing a countertop

Sealer Repair Kit 9

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Product Description

Sealer Repair Kit 9 is intended for re-coating worn or damaged indoor & outdoor concrete sealer.

For use on: Countertops, Tables, Desks, Etc and other larger surfaced concrete projects.

8 oz Kit coverage = Up to 40 sqft / applied at roughly 2 mils.

Sealer Kit Contents:

  • 1 - Sealer: 6 oz of part A / 2 oz of part B
  • 1 - 9” x 1/4” nap Adhesive Roller (for application)
  • 1 - 9” x 3/8” nap Non-shed Microfiber Roller (for backroll)
  • 1 - Paper Cup
  • 1 - Mixing Stick
  • 2 - Rubber Gloves
  • 1 - Lint-Free Rag
  • 1 - 220 Sandpaper

Items you will need:

  • Orbital Sander (for larger flat surfaces)
  • 9” Roller Frame Paper Towels
  • PPE - Safety Goggles & a Mask
  • Scrap Cardboard
  • Painter's Tape


Coating Application:

Please download the Surface Reseal Instructions below.

Please note that this coating has an odor to it. If you are sensitive to chemicals, you should remove yourself from the premises while this coating is being applied.  Stay away for at least 4 hours until the product has initially set up. If the room has a vent fan, turn it on and open a window to create cross ventilation. Make sure the area that you will be repairing is clean and has BEEN DRY for 12 hours. Please note that you will be handling a solvent-based sealer, so you should always wear a pair of safety goggles, a mask, and the protective gloves while handling the sealer. This sealer will take 12 hours to cure, so assume that your concrete will not be in service for one day. Spot coating only a small area will not visually blend in well and we recommend always Re-coating the entire concrete piece. Exceptions to this would be a sink. There are many different faces and elevations to a sink that could be coated individually:  If the inside of the sink basin needs to be re-coated, you can just sand and re-coat the inside of the sink basin and stop where the sink walls meet the countertop.  Similarly, if just the countertop portion of your concrete sink needs to be re-coated, sand and re-coat only the countertop portion.



Reseal Instructions >

SDS Sheets >

WARNING: PROP 65 (For California Residents)


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