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5 Questions about Outdoor Concrete Countertops Answered

Grilling season is in full swing! While you flip those juicy, handcrafted burgers, you might find yourself dreaming about a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. 

Outdoor spaces are in greater demand than ever. When travel is difficult and budgets tight, it’s a great way to celebrate and the perfect place for a staycation. 

An outdoor kitchen presents some interesting situations that you might have questions about, but one thing you won’t have to worry about is the countertops. Concrete is the prime material for stylish and durable outdoor countertops. 

Though concrete is everywhere outdoors, you might wonder how a concrete countertop stands up to the demands of an outdoor kitchen. Here’s our top five questions about outdoor concrete countertops and their answers. 

Are concrete countertops good for outdoors? 

Will concrete countertops really stand up to everything the great outdoors can dish out? Short answer: yep! Though concrete countertops are made of a different type of material than your patio is made out of, it offers many of the same benefits. 

In fact, the mix that’s used for concrete countertops, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is actually stronger than the stuff you see in the sidewalk. The glass fibers and other high-tech materials in the concrete blend make it lighter, stronger, and more beautiful than your run-of-the-mill concrete. 

Outdoor concrete countertops are arguably the best option for the outdoor kitchen because the concrete can be poured into any shape, which might come in handy for an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens have a little more flexibility than indoor kitchens simply because they aren’t limited by four walls and often take different shapes than indoor kitchens. 

Excellent durability, versatility, and style make concrete countertops a top choice for the outdoor kitchen. 

How thick should outdoor concrete countertops be? 

Standard countertops are 1.5 inches thick. They can be made thinner, especially with GFRC. The thicker the countertop, the heavier it is, which can make it difficult to transport and install. 

Creating a countertop that looks thicker is simple with an apron-type facing. You can make your countertops look three or even four inches without the bulk with an apron. 

The thickness of your countertop is more a matter of style than it is strength. Concrete countertops of a thin or thick, these countertops stand up to all the rigors of the outdoor kitchen with ease. 

Do I need to seal outdoor concrete countertops? 

A sealer will help the surface of the concrete maintain its visual appearance and protect it from scratches. Concrete countertops from Trueform come pre-sealed but you should reseal them every couple of years. A sealant also protects color from UV damage, which is a key concern in the outdoors. 

Bird's eye view of a concrete bar top on an outdoor patio.

Can I pour my own outdoor concrete countertops? 

You’ll find a plethora of DIY videos and tutorials telling you how to do just that. But we don’t recommend it. At Trueform we don’t pour countertops on site because there are too many variables at play. In our facility we can create a countertop that we feel confident guaranteeing because we’ve been able to control the concrete mix, the forms, and the curing conditions perfectly. 

What type of countertop is best for outdoors? 

A concrete countertop built to your specifications that uses specialty outdoor concrete blends is the best the market has to offer. At Trueform, our countertops are made by hand by experienced craftspeople and artisans. 

It’s a concrete countertop on a totally different level. Not only do our professionals come to you to measure your space and get all the specs ( learn more about this), but you can also choose from some pretty spectacular colors and finishes

Select one of our signature colors from white to charcoal or get a custom color (anything in the Benjamin Moore spectrum). Then choose either the Classic or Foundry finish to complete your outdoor kitchen’s look. 

If you have more questions about outdoor concrete countertops, take a closer look at our bespoke process and products.

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