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Concrete Trough Sinks: 2024 Trends

The most interesting thing to come out of sink design in the last decade is the vessel or basin sink. Sinks are not an item that changes much over the years. So when the trough sink came on the scene a few years ago, designers collectively gasped.

What is a trough sink?

A trough is originally a large, long container for animal feed. Trough sinks have been around more than a hundred years, but it wasn’t until recently that they became a serious style contender.

Creative designers brought this concept to bathroom sinks in the mid Twenty-teens (somewhere around 2016). As more people became aware of this style, it exploded into a full-fledged trend starting in 2019.

The trough sink can be made with concrete (our favorite), porcelain, stone, or metal. It translates to nearly any design style from rustic country to modern contemporary.

Functionally, the trough sink is simple and efficient. It usually has just one drain but has room for multiple faucets. It’s essentially a double vanity in a single vanity style. Their one-piece design is easier to clean and maintain because it has fewer seams, which are magnets for grime and bacterial growth.

Though still in its infancy, the trough sink is coming into its own with various styles and types. Take a look at what’s available, what’s hot, and what the future might hold for the trough sink in concrete.

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Semi-circle floating trough sink in concrete with black hardware.

Trough Sink Trends

There’s enough interest in trough sinks in concrete in the market that many different styles are available. Some are more popular than others, so here’s what designers favor for 2024.

Concrete trough sink with dual faucets in an industrial style.

Ramp Sink

All sink basins slope in order to direct water toward the drain. A ramp sink angles the slope from front to back with straight sides. The drain runs along the entire back of the sink and drains down a single pipe—called a trench drain.

Though the mechanics sound interesting, the best thing about a ramp sink is the look it creates. It’s ultra modern and sleek, perfect for today’s clean-lined bathroom designs.

Floating Sink

The wall-mounted or "floating" sink is a staple of ADA compliant designs. It is attached to the wall with brackets or cleats and has no vanity or other support under it. But it’s more than just a fixture of an accessible bathroom.

The floating sink happens to go hand in hand with 2024’s hottest design styles. It's a perfect fit for modern, hygge, and other sleek, minimalist designs. Choose warm colors to keep it on trend.

Collage of two images featuring white concrete dual trough sink.

Integrated Vanity

The integrated vanity is a one-piece sink and countertop that sits atop a vanity or sink stand. It’s a perfect set up for a concrete trough sink. It’s seamless and right on trend in 2024 among the rest of the minimalist styles.

The front and sides of the integrated sink are often extended beyond a standard depth sink and countertop Most vanity countertops are an inch or less thick. The integrated concrete trough sink often includes an apron that makes the countertop look much thicker.

The best thing about a concrete trough sink in an integrated style is the ability to customize it. Customize the color, texture, and other details of your concrete trough sink for a unique look.

Collage of three images of a deep gray rectangular trough sink.

Vessel Trough Sink

The vessel trough sink combines the concept of a vessel sink and a trough sink.

This type of trough sink also offers shapes beyond the usual rectangular. Round or oval make a nice statement in a well appointed bathroom design. 

Ramp style trough sink double vanity with brass faucets.

Single, Double, Triple

Though the idea of a trough sink is to create a single large container, an emerging trend in 2024 is to keep the look of a trough but separate it into separate sinks. You’ll still have the solid, thick-look trough style with individual sink spaces.

This is a great option for shared bathrooms so everyone can still have their own space. Check out this double vanity trough style sink.

Ramp style trough sink in white concrete with three stainless steel faucets. 

Concrete trough sinks are the way to go if you’re looking for more style from your bathroom design in 2024 Take a closer look at these concrete sink trends and start dreaming up your new bathroom today.

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