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Design Experts’ Top Color Trends

When it comes to the interior design of your home, there are thousands of color choices to be made when remodeling – from the color of the paint on your walls, to the color of the concrete you choose for your new kitchen counters.

As 2023 unfolds and new trends emerge for virtually every room in the house, you may be curious about which colors will define the year ahead. For instance, in 2022, top designers picked organic hues like earthy green as the most popular color choices of the year as more people looked for ways to bring the outdoors inside.

In the new year, however, there is a shared theme among designers that homes should be reflective of self-expression and vibrancy, fueling much more experimental color trends than in recent years. In fact, two of the world’s leading paint companies – Pantone and Benjamin-Moore – announced their picks for the “Colors of the Year” for 2023, both selecting bright, animated reds that are charismatic and radiating personality.

While adding Pantone’s Viva Magenta to your kitchen or bathroom design scheme this year may seem a little over the top for your traditionally muted taste, there are plenty of other color trends to keep on your radar in 2023 as chosen by design pros.

Falling into three main categories, here are our favorite color trends for this year and ways to integrate them into your home.

Collage of living rooms, bathrooms, and foyers with greige color palettes.

Soft, cozy neutrals

If your heart is set on a classic look and you aren’t big on experimenting with color, designers are opting for soft neutrals like beige and off-white as a leading color trend in 2023. Not only are neutrals like Rustic Greige by Dutch Boy or Blank Canvas by Behr a great option for rooms that need a clean slate, but they are an easy and effortless update to the long-popular bright whites and cool greys.

To make your home’s color palette cozier with these soft neutrals, a perfect place to start is in the kitchen. Focus on making one major change with a new color, such as your countertop. Adding a concrete countertop – which can be finished in many different neutral shades like pewter, taupe, or limestone – will instantly breathe new life into the space and provide a beautifully neutral backdrop for the rest of your kitchen decor.

Collage of home spaces with warm pink colors on the walls.

Warm shades of pink

Continuing the “cozy” vibe that many homeowners are seeking is the second color trend for 2023: warm pink shades. Not overly vibrant but still creatively unique, pink options like Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams or Terra Rosa by Dunn Edwards are both charming color choices that offer a fresh take on neutral browns and burgundies.

To integrate warm shades of pink into your home in the new year, start in one of your more private spaces like your bedroom. Whether you paint the entire room or just one feature wall, the pink tones will serve as a pleasing backdrop to other decorative elements that are more pink or orange-forward, like a coral bedspread or burgundy end tables.

Collage of home spaces with deep blue-green in the color palette

Dramatic, deep blue-greens

Last but not least, designers are focusing on dramatic blue-greens as a final color trend for 2023. This color trend is easily the most striking of the three, instantly creating an elegant and unforgettable mood that adds a hint of luxury. Colors like Vining Ivy by PPG or Everglade Deck by Valspar are an excellent option if you’re hoping to reflect a sense of balance and calmness.

To add a dramatic blue-green shade to one of the rooms in your home, an ideal space to start – where color is always encouraged – is the bathroom. One of the main reasons why dark blue-greens will look great in the bathroom is that it pairs well with other bathroom staples like brass hardware, white or metallic fixtures, and gold lighting. Plus, these hues will also compliment more modern touches, which are often found in bathrooms, like concrete sinks or custom vanities .

Collage of images with people in the Trueform facility building concrete objects.

A Word about Concrete

One of the perks of concrete is its ability to bring color. Pigments can be added to the powdered bland before water is added and objects are cast. That means that the concrete is colored all the way through, not just superficially.

At Trueform, we can color match any Benjamin-Moore paint color so if you dream of color, concrete is your material of choice.

Want to find out more about our custom concrete projects and find out how they can perfectly align with 2023’s color trends? Learn all about our colored concrete options.

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