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Why Trueform Concrete?

This Is Concrete On a Whole New Level

You have many options when it comes to decorative concrete products. You can pick up a concrete sink from any big box home improvement store or have it delivered by one of the online giants. It begs the question, what sets Trueform apart? 

Though we say it ourselves, Trueform Concrete offers several things you can’t readily find elsewhere. Here’s why our concrete is in a class of its own.

We Have the Right Blend

At Trueform we don’t use just any old concrete. We use a special blend by Blendhouse

that is the foundation for all our products. We then add other components to that mix to tailor it for the intended application. These additions alter the foundational blend in predictable ways,enabling the fabricator to exercise more control over the material and fine-tune either the casting process, the finished product, or both. 

If we want to change the properties of the liquid mixture to make it thicker or thinner, we add or subtract certain components. If we want to increase the strength or flexibility of the cured product, we can add others (glass fibers, acrylic, etc) to the mix.

Our Products Are Sealed

Concrete needs a little TLC to look and perform its best. That’s why we make sure you’re set to go with concrete that is expertly sealed. Our sealer makes the concrete’s surface stain resistant while enhancing its color and character. While our sealer should keep your concrete looking great for years to come, we do recommend that you reseal your concrete about every 3-5 years, especially if it’s for high-use surfaces such as countertops or tables.

Large kitchen dining room with long rectangular concrete dining table.

We Will Build to Spec & Customize

One of the best things about concrete is how malleable it is. It can be molded into just about any form. Our masters can build forms for nearly any setting or layout. You no longer need to limit yourself to the products in standard, predetermined shapes or sizes. Rather, you can create something that fits your space like a glove.

We invite you to collaborate with us in making something spectacular for your space or application. Let us help you plan a bar, countertop, seating, desk, sink, vanity, table, or outdoor feature. Our clients routinely request unique options and features that other fabricators or brands simply cannot offer. And our experienced craftspeople employ novel technology, tools, and techniques in order to create heirloom-quality pieces that will serve you for years to come.

Customizing a concrete color or texture is an integral part of our business. We’ll match any Benjamin Moore paint color - from teal to magenta. If you want a surface with a little more character, our Foundry finish has a hand-troweled appearance with a natural mottling, while our Industrial finish has a raw and pitted appearance. Completely original finishes are also possible. Provide some inspiration, and we will set about simulating that finish.

Specialty effects - such as embossing and stenciling - allow you to customize your concrete with logos, images, words or other graphic elements. Embossing is a 3D feature achieved by casting concrete onto a mold containing a graphic element so that it bears the imprint of that element once cured. Stenciling is a surface treatment used to display a 2D graphic element. Both special effects are design features that draw attention and make the concrete a central feature of your space.

Our Pros Have Extensive Knowledge & Experience

Concrete work is entirely hands-on. Every project we embark on at Trueform is created from scratch. Our craftspeople put an enormous amount of effort and love into everything they touch. Combine this extensive knowledge and experience with the brightest architects and designers we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and the result is stunning.

We fabricate thousands of concrete objects every year in our New Jersey facility. Whether indoor furnishings or outdoor accents, we create these objects for homes and businesses and ship them across the globe.

Take a Peek Behind the Scenes

Well appointed kitchen with long island with gray concrete countertops.

Our Comprehensive Samples Make Choosing Easy

Our sample set contains a 4” x 4” square of each of our eight standard colors in the Classic finish. Classic is our go-to finish and is appropriate for all applications including bars and countertops, sinks, tables, and outdoor objects. . Classic Samples can be purchased individually as well. Samples of our Foundry and Industrial finishes are also available.

If you are a trade professional (designers, architects, builders, etc.), sign up for our Trade Loyalty Program and receive a sample set as a complimentary thank you gift from us.

We Are Trade Pro Friendly

The Trade Loyalty Program - available to architects, designers, builders, and other trade individuals, gives members the opportunity to receive exclusive discounts. The discount applies to both online store purchases and custom orders. As we said before, you’ll get a free sample set as our thank you gift.

All you have to do to get started is fill out and submit a form. We’ll review your request and provide approval for your application. Then we’ll email you to let you know. Learn more about it.

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There are many reasons Trueform should be the concrete company you turn to for your decorative concrete. Our specialty blend, stellar craftspeople, and customization are just few of them. Want to hear about other people’s experiences? 

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