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You're Busy

That's a great thing!  But are you so overwhelmed with projects that you simply can’t keep up? Are you bogged down with a large or tedious project that has taken over your entire shop?  Do you hesitate to take on more complex projects due to the lack of staff or the necessary machinery?  Do you ever find yourself turning down amazing jobs or maybe even small ones due to this?   We get it.

Projects tend to arrive in waves, often in avalanches.  Deadlines make things complicated.  There are site challenges - employee challenges - pressing client needs - and everybody wants it done yesterday.  Turning down projects can lead to lost revenue, lost customers and lost opportunities to grow your business.

Trueform Concrete is happy to announce the launch of Maker Source.

Maker Source was created with our industry friends in mind.  We hear the struggles of running and building successful businesses every day and we can sympathize.  We’ve been there.  Maker Source can enable you to scale your business without the burden of handling it alone.  It’s about working smarter - together. 

Since 2006, Trueform has worked with countless architects, designers, homeowners and other fabricators to deliver tens of thousands of concrete projects around the world.  Since our move to a 36,000 square foot facility in 2019, we now have the space, efficiency, machinery and staff to handle more - much more.  Our streamlined processes enable us to deliver complex, high-quality pieces and ship them globally. You can have full confidence in using us as a partner.  So instead of passing on that next job – let’s work together!


Here are some of the benefits and advantages of working with us:


  • Instantly expand your capabilities & efficiency
  • Free yourself up to focus on the types of projects that you want to work on
  • Improve the credibility of your shop and your brand
  • Offer novel solutions that may have been previously out of reach
  • Deliver your clients accurate, consistent and reliable pieces
  • Improve lead times on complex projects - especially during peak seasons
  • Produce higher volumes in significantly less time



Concrete in Production

Program Options

Every customer and project is unique so there is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, Maker Source has a few options to choose from. Whether it’s simple pieces in quantity or one-off pieces that are highly complex, we got you covered.

OEM Fulfillment (Partial or 100%)

You don't always have to go it alone. Instead, tap into the power of collaboration by using Trueform to fulfill some or all of your larger or more complicated projects. We can review the designs together, work through any necessary changes, provide drawings, and make samples for approval. The primary intent is that you own the project and the relationship with your client, while we support you through the back-end by fabricating whatever you need based on the specs provided. Furthermore, we coordinate the timelines and ship to the location of your choice. As far as anyone knows, it’s all your work - and you receive all the credit.



    • Our OEM service is based on drawings only (build-to-spec) projects. We will not be making or accepting templates.
    • You (or a representative from your company) will retain point-person status - meaning we contract directly through you and collaborate only with you throughout the process.  At no point will we interact with your client or introduce any branded elements suggesting that you are working with another company.
    • The earlier you reach out to us, the more likely we are to accommodate you and your client's needs successfully. Timing, as always, is critical.
    • We have an extensive production network and can fulfill concrete as well as metal and wood components for your project - either as one-offs or in volume.
    • Our estimate will be your "wholesale" price.  You can mark up this value for your client as you see fit.
    • We will produce shop drawings of all project parts and will require approval and signatures on these before starting production.
    • Color Sample Options: You’re either welcome to use our color samples (with unbranded labels) or you can have us make custom color/control samples for you through one of these methods: 
      • Sharing your pigment loading design
      • Sending a physical sample 
      • Providing a Benjamin Moore color #
    • For sinks, we have an extensive in-house catalog of sink basin molds in a variety of shapes & sizes - most of which are UPC certified and ADA compliant (when installed properly). We can also create custom basin molds of nearly any shape or size.
    • We handle all shipping & logistics - whether national or international.
    • Local deliveries and installations are optional and will be discussed prior to us providing an estimate.

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Forward Plus

The premise here is simple: you refer a client's project to Trueform. If that client signs a contract with us for that project, we send you a check for the agreed upon referral percentage as a way of saying "thanks". Nothing more is required of you. We assume all of the responsibility from that point on - working directly with the client, fully managing the project and seeing it through to completion. You get paid simply by providing the referral. How is that for convenient?



    • Trueform can perform templates & installations in NJ, NY, CT, & PA.  Requests for templates and/or installations in other states will be assessed on a case by case basis.
    • We will sign the contract with the client/lead and assume the role of project lead - working directly alongside the client through all aspects of the project.
    • We will send you the agreed-upon referral amount upon receipt of the final payment from the client. Note that delivery, shipping & handling and sales tax are not factored into the referral amount.  
    • Before any referral payment can be made, a completed Form W-9 must be submitted.
    • Leads must be sent to Trueform in advance of providing the client with our contact information to ensure the account is properly labeled as a "Maker Source Referral".

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Services We Offer

CNC Services

Technology is changing the game for concrete fabrication across the globe. Trueform owns and operates a 5' x 10' / 3 Axis CNC Router, which is ideal for the deductive processing of Foam, Wood, Plastic, and Composite Material. CNC capabilities remove the challenge of complex fabrication while freeing up your time and energy. Whether you need precise, geometric patterns, perfectly symmetrical parts or complex edge shapes and patterns, this process will deliver with perfection. Leverage our technology and concrete fabrication experience to make your projects a success.


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Concrete CNC

3D Part Printing Services

3D printing is another technology that has raised the bar for the concrete industry.  Also referred to as "additive manufacturing", 3D printing is the process whereby a machine creates an object by depositing material in thin layers - one at a time - until the object is completed. Since 3D-printed objects can be created quickly and efficiently, this service can help you rapidly test new parts and/or experiment with forms that are otherwise difficult or impossible to fabricate using conventional methods. Trueform has the capability to print in many filament media types including: PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, Nylon, PC, Carbon fiber, and more.


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3d Printed Concrete Parts