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14 Kitchen Trends You Can Count On in 2022

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Unlike the passing fads of fidget spinners, the floss dance move, and pet rocks, kitchen trends have much more longevity. Once the novelty of a popular item begins to fade, it quickly becomes obsolete. Not so with most kitchen trends.

For instance, avocado green appliances of the 60s hung on long after the decade passed. Threads of that mentality are an important part of some of today’s trends (like mid-century modern). The point is that interior design trends are not short lived. You don’t have to worry about when elements of your kitchen will go out of style like you do with some other passing trends. Most trends will give you a decade or more before it starts to feel dated.

On the flip side, you wouldn’t want to include a trend that’s on it’s way out—something like that would start to feel dated long before the rest of the kitchen. Here are 14 solid, up-and-coming trends that will keep your kitchen fresh in 2022 and for years to come.

Kitchen Trends 2022

Mixing In Vintage

Instead of pristine (almost sterile), clean-lined kitchens, designers and homeowners have been leaning toward the warmth and coziness of vintage elements in kitchen design.

Antique elements in design are something that’s been building in popularity for a few years now. That means that you can get a lot of mileage out of this trend.

Bring in a long-beloved dining table or antique kitchen implements as décor. Or better yet, mix in some trends of times gone by like a Victorian wallpaper, mid-century modern color scheme, or wood cabinets.

Layering Lighting

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. These are more important than ever to include in your kitchen. Layer them in to get a well lit kitchen.

Coming off of a too-long stint of one-note fluorescent lighting in kitchens, you’ve seen lots of accent lighting added to kitchen design in the last several years.

Don’t forget some task lighting. Under cabinet lighting does this well. Pendants over the island are a must. Add sconces and other smaller lights where you most need them to achieve a fully lit kitchen.

Open Shelving on the Single

Open shelving is well established as a trend with staying power. It’s one that crops up from time to time in the trends and never really looks out of place.

2022 has a new take on this concept that blends popular minimalism trends with open shelves decorated with vignettes that make the kitchen homey: a single open shelf.

A single shelf allows you to add some personal touches without making the kitchen feel cluttered. Place it in the middle of the wall for the full effect.

Include the Natural & Rustic

The 2020s will go down as the decade that was the master of blending. This is another trend that adds a little surprise into an otherwise well established design.

Just like there’s room for vintage elements in any design, there is also room for the rustic in any design. Unfinished or distressed woods, aged metals, even concrete details in the kitchen work in most kitchen design styles.

Bring in a distressed-look wood floor, concrete countertops, or a concrete sink. An aged metal on the range hood or faucets will do the job nicely too.

Conceal the Kitchen

Appliances hiding behind beautiful cabinetry for the ultimate finished look is something you’ve seen in your favorite kitchen designs. That trend will continue and even increase.

Designers are starting to create multi-purpose spaces that can nearly seamlessly go from kitchen to living room with little effort. The kitchen may look like no more than a wall of built-ins in a living room. Open a few cabinet doors and, voila, there’s the cooktop.

Use Marble & Wood

As ever, marble and wood will continue to be key players in kitchen design. They are timeless materials that designers can’t get enough of.

Marble abounds on countertops, backsplashes, even the floor. Wood is a classic flooring material but wood paneling is also gaining popularity. You pretty much can’t go wrong with a liberal use of marble or wood in the kitchen.

Darken the Color Palette

Though the white kitchen is always a showstopper, designers are turning once again to a darker color scheme. Done right, black (and other dark colors) can be as stunning as white.

Black becomes a neutral when used liberally. Be sure there is plenty of lighting and natural light plus lighter accents to balance out the darker colors.

Try a black concrete sink or dark concrete countertop. Paint a feature wall in a navy blue or select dark walnut cabinets or floors.

Make a Statement

“Statement” is probably a word you’ve heard a lot in design and fashion the last few years. Statement walls, statement lighting, statement necklace, statement earrings. It’s all about making a statement.

Your kitchen should make a statement too. There are lots of ways to do this. Anything that stands out from the norm qualifies.

Maybe you do something different with the island. Maybe you paint or tile a wall in a unique way. Or perhaps you get a custom concrete sink that draws all the attention.

Double Up on Islands

If one island wasn’t enough, now you can have two. That’s right, two islands in one kitchen. Two islands offer more task oriented spaces. They break up the space and create better flow.

They can also increase the footprint of your kitchen and double your counter space. It all depends on what you have to work with and what’s important to you.

Take the opportunity to do something different with the countertops. Choose a contrasting color from the perimeter of the kitchen to make the islands stand out.

Stock Up the Pantry

Pantries and larders are in. This staple of every kitchen design is now becoming the center of attention. Whether it’s a separate room, a closet in the kitchen, or a repurposed piece of furniture, a pantry is, in many ways, the heart of the functional kitchen.

A pantry increases your in-kitchen storage and allows you to hide away small appliances to keep the kitchen looking tidy.

Golden Tones

Gold finishes are back. Despite you swearing them off in the 90s, they bring a certain opulence to the kitchen that makes it a special space where you can entertain in style.

Bright, glossy finishes attract a lot of attention so unless you’re going for a dramatic kitchen, you may want to consider a semi-gloss or matte finish.

Brass happens to be the metal of the moment and it can add lots of character. It is a bigger cost, but nothing can match the patina of brass, which adds all the more to your design.

Break the Plan

Open plan layouts have been the go-to for a long time. That won’t change but designers are starting to do what they’re calling a “broken plan.” The broken plan takes the open floor plan and breaks it up into zones using penetrable barriers like furniture, plants, screens, etc.

This style retains the open feel but gives distinct purpose to different areas of the space, all while keeping the entire space one cohesive whole. Think breakfast nook, reading corner, entertaining space, cooking space, etc.

Mix the Materials

Texture, a main design element, is of particular focus of late. One way designers are bringing more texture is mixing materials.

You’ll see a healthy mix of wood, metal, textiles, and stone. But if you look closely, you’ll also see designers layering more than one of each of those elements.

Multiple types of metals are a standard feature now. The cabinets and the floor may be very different types of wood. Alongside the marble, you may see custom concrete. These bring the kitchen design to life with touchable interest and visual distinction.

Smooth It Out

Though It seems like a contradiction to what we said about textures earlier, smooth finishes are a top trend. Smooth surfaces are a type of texture that brings balance to other surfaces in the space.

Glossy cabinets are ultra chic and are a favorite of Scandinavian designs so popular the last few years. Countertops with no texturing in both gloss and matte will continue to play an important role in the kitchen.

Concrete countertops are an excellent choice as they have the smooth surface and are nearly monochrome but still lend a silky visual texture to the kitchen.

Try one (or many) of these kitchen trends that will keep your kitchen looking fresh in 2022 and for years to come.

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