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Of Black Sinks, Design Superstition, and Other Tales

Who doesn’t love some extra black near All Hallow’s Eve? What about adding some black to your interior design? It is a staple in the color palette for any space, any time of year, and never goes out of style. Sophisticated, mysterious black can and should find its way into every design.

Black is the neutral that frames all other colors. But black capably stands by itself as well. Designers of the past have shied away from too much black, thinking it weighs down a design or makes it too dark and gloomy. While that’s a good thing for Halloween, it’s not great the rest of the year. Fortunately, that’s just not the case.

Done correctly, black can be a featured color in a design. All that worry over it being too much merely amounts to design superstition. Black can be inviting and classy. Consider it for some of the larger, more visible elements in your space, such as an eye-catching, show-stealing black concrete sink.

Close up of black concrete sink rough edge.

Custom Black Concrete Sink

A custom black concrete sink will stand out in your design and will be the topic of many conversations. Trueform is standing by to help you achieve the perfect black concrete sink aesthetic.

Start by dreaming up a wall-mount, vanity top, washstand, or black concrete vessel sink and choose black or another dark color to achieve your vision. Or if you’re looking for something completely unique,  contact us to create a build-to-spec basin. Our hands-on craftsmen build your sink in our New Jersey facility then ship it to you.

Concrete is the perfect material for customization because it can be shaped or molded into just about any form and nearly any color - including black. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination take flight.

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Close up of black concrete ramp bathroom sink with gold wall mounted faucet.

Tips for Using Black in interior Design

Designers are careful with black because it’s powerful. Too much can be overwhelming. Likewise, too little does your space a disservice. With a little knowhow, you can leverage the best of black in your bathroom design. Here are a few tips to use black effectively.

Gloss & Matte

Glossy colors are reflective - increasing light in a room with too few windows or light fixtures. Matte softens the bold color making it feel more neutral. Use gloss and matte to create the right balance in your design.


Adding the opposite of black makes black more noticeable and balances it. A healthy dose of both black and white takes the edge off the boldness. Using lighter neutral colors (beige, gray, etc.) has the same effect.

Half circle black wall mounted concrete sink.

Dark Gray

Sometimes you don’t have to use pure black to get the desired effect. Dark grays bring that high-contrast feel that you’re looking for. Many sinks in our pre-cast concrete sink collection are available in Charcoal, a deep gray. It softens the impact of a darker color scheme but still allows you to achieve the drama black promises.

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Textures & Patterns

Black in a texture or pattern gives the bold color a new dynamic. Visually, you give the eyes something else to focus on, effectively softening the black.


Adding black in a group also has a way of balancing it, making sure you don’t have too much or too little. The designer’s rule of three is a good way to accomplish this. A black rug, black towels, and black concrete sink are a great example.

Black & Gold

There’s something special about black and gold. It’s a favorite for designers and a classy way to introduce black to your space. Black and gold are the metallic version of contrasting colors. Gold reflects light and helps black stand out and keeps the space well lighted.

Don’t be shy, add some black to your design. A black concrete sink is an excellent way to get started. Want to learn more about custom concrete projects we do at Trueform? Take a closer look.

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