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14 Comprehensive Concrete Countertop FAQs

In the realm of contemporary interior design, concrete countertops have emerged as a versatile and stylish choice, redefining the traditional concept of kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Their robust nature, coupled with customizable designs, has made them increasingly popular among homeowners and designers seeking a unique blend of durability, aesthetic appeal, and personalization.

That said, there are lots of questions about this remarkable material as a countertop surface. Here are a few of the most frequently asked and their answers.

Commercial bar with wood-look concrete countertops.

1. Are concrete countertops durable?

Yes, concrete countertops are highly durable and can last for decades when properly sealed and maintained. They are resistant to scratches, heat, and stains under normal use.

All concrete countertops at Trueform are coated with our proprietary sealant for optimum durability and longevity.

Kitchen with butcher block style countertops in concrete.

2. How do I maintain concrete countertops?

General cleaning is best done using a cloth soaked in some warm water with mild dish soap of neutral pH. . Avoid abrasive soaps, cleansers, or scrubbing pads that can wear down the sealer. We recommend using mild, non-abrasive, non-ammonia, non-citric acid, non-vinegar, non-bleach soaps and cleaners. For heavier cleaning, liquid cleaners from Simple Green are recommended.

You will want to avoid dragging or pushing hard or sharp objects across the surface. Using the surface as a cutting board is not recommended. While this won’t damage the concrete, it may scratch the sealer.

You will also want to avoid placing hot pans or other hot objects directly on the surface. Again, this may compromise the sealer.

In cases of heavy or prolonged use (i.e. Kitchen Island), the countertop surface may begin to dull. This indicates that the sealer is wearing thin. If this occurs, resealing is recommended in order to bring the countertops back to their original luster while optimizing the protective nature of the sealer.

Collage of food on top of a pink concrete countertop.

3. Can I customize the color and design of concrete countertops?

Yes, concrete countertops offer extensive customization options. You can choose from various edge details, thicknesses, shapes, colors, finishes, and other specialty features (knock-outs, integral drying racks, etc.) to create a unique design that matches your preferences and style.

Trueform can match nearly any Benjamin Moore paint swatch to achieve the color you’re envisioning. We also offer custom etching, edge details, finishes, stenciling, embossing, and more for a truly personalized solution

Close up of concrete being resealed with a roller brush.

4. Are concrete countertops prone to cracking?

Concrete, like all stones, is prone to cracking. “Structural” cracks are extremely rare due to the materials and processes we employ. These are typically indicative of stress, movement, shrinkage, weather (freeze-thaw), or abuse to the product. Should this occur prior to shipping, Trueform would remake the product.

“Hairline” cracks -while also rare - may develop and are considered acceptable in the concrete industry. These are surface-level phenomena and not indicative of structural damage. Concrete products used for outdoor applications (i.e. outdoor countertops, bar tops, tabletops, etc.) have a higher likelihood of cracking. Trueform is not responsible or liable for repairing or replacing concrete pieces that crack. That said, should hairline cracks occur, the surface can be resealed either by the client (using one of our repair kits) or by Trueform – for a fee.

View of a kitchen with a concrete countertop with waterfall legs on an angle.

5. How thick are concrete countertops typically?

Concrete countertops are usually 1.5 to 2 inches thick. However, the thickness can vary depending on design preferences and structural requirements.

Large wood-look concrete table in the backyard with a grille in the center of the table.

6. Are concrete countertops heat resistant?

Concrete countertops are highly heat resistant, but the sealer we use is more susceptible to intense heat. Using trivets or hot pads is strongly recommended to protect the surface sealant from hot pans or any other sources of intense heat, especially for prolonged periods.

Simple kitchen with light concrete countertop and a farmhouse sink with blue slat backsplash.

7. Can I install a sink in a concrete countertop?

Yes, undermount sinks can be integrated into concrete countertops. Clients will have to provide the exact sink model to Trueform in advance so that we can create the appropriately sized knock-out (hole). For countertops Trueform is installing, we will attach the sink to the underside of the countertops prior to installation.

For countertops that we ship to the client’s home or place of business, the client’s contractor/installer will handle both the sink and the installation. In this case, it's important to work with a professional installer who can properly reinforce and seal the area around the sink to prevent leaks. 

Restaurant bar with concrete countertop and lighting underneath.

8. How long does it take to install concrete countertops?

The installation time varies based on factors such as location, project size, and project complexity. Residential countertop projects usually install within a day, while commercial countertop projects will take anywhere from 1-3 days, depending on complexity.9. Are concrete countertops expensive?

Concrete countertops can vary in cost depending on factors such as customization, size, and complexity of design. They typically fall in the mid-to-high range of countertop materials and are prized for their stone-level durability and beauty.

A concrete repair kit on top of a gray concrete countertop.

10. Can I repair or refinish concrete countertops?

Minor scratches or blemishes can often be repaired or refinished by sanding and resealing the surface. Deeper damage may require professional repair to ensure a seamless finish.

If you are in the tri-state area, Trueform can refinish and reseal countertops for a fee. If you are beyond our working radius, you can use our Chip Repair Kits to patch accidental chipping and Sealer Repair Kits in cases where the surface needs to be restored.

Concrete countertop with singed look edge on a brick base.

11. Are concrete countertops good for outdoor kitchens?

Concrete is suitable for the outdoors. It has been a chief outdoor building material for millennia. Trueform’s concrete is an especially good choice because our sealant is also UV stable. This ensures your decorative concrete will avoid discoloration and look great through the years.

It should be noted that outdoor environments are considered “high-stress” and tend to amplify the rate at which materials and surfaces will weather – regardless of the material used.

Side by side comparison of concrete countertop with red wine on unsealed vs sealed surface.

12. Are concrete countertops porous?

Concrete, like any stone, is porous. However, also like stone, it can be sealed to protect it against moisture absorption. Properly-sealed concrete will be not porous therefore protecting your actual concrete countertop from spills.

White kitchen with dark wood-look concrete countertops.

13. Are concrete countertops a good idea?

Though we say it ourselves, concrete makes an excellent countertop material – primarily due to its flexibility and versatility. It is durable like stone and offers much of the look of stone but with a more modern and streamlined feel. Not only can it be customized to suit your design preferences, but it can also add to the functionality of your kitchen.

Integrate drain boards, towel racks, ice buckets, and whatever else you can imagine into your countertops for enduring design.

Collage of different features that can be added to concrete countertops.

14. How do I get concrete countertops with sparkle, glass, or with other features like a drain board?

The best part about concrete is how malleable it is. It can be shaped, colored, etched, and embossed (to name a few). At Trueform, every countertop is custom made to suit your vision and fit your space perfectly.

If you want sparkle, glass, or any other features, simply give us a call to discuss your project and our designer will make your vision come to life.

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