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9 Ways to Fall-ify Outdoor Spaces

Autumn is a unique time of year when people migrate outdoors, sometimes even more than in the summer. It’s not too hot or too cold. There are fewer bugs. You can enjoy the firepit or grill without sweating to death.

It’s also the perfect time to give some love to the structure and design of outdoor spaces. Whether they are common areas at a workplace, apartment complex, metropolitan rooftop or luxury home, outdoor spaces offer a level of health and wellness that completes the amenities in a way unlike any other.

Here are some ideas to help you transform an outdoor space into a space where pumpkin spice wafts freely around a fire you actually want to cozy up to.

Wood look concrete tables in the outdoors with custom features.

Choose the Right Location

Many outdoor spaces are serviceable as an autumnal oasis. It could be a backyard, patio, deck, or even a balcony. Ensure that the area gets a good amount of sunlight during the day and is sheltered from strong winds.

Provide Seating

Invest in comfortable and weather-resistant outdoor furniture. Options like wicker, teak, or metal are durable and can withstand fall weather. In our book, the ultimate outdoor material is concrete. It’s a natural choice for the outdoors, plus it adds a level of luxury and customization other materials don’t.

Concrete Blocks

Another seating option to consider is the Blok, which can be used as either seating or a small table. The bowed corners and wood-look concrete finish make these stand out yet blend into the natural environment.


Concrete firepit on a back patio with Adirondack chairs surrounding.

Build a Fire Pit or Fireplace

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can be the centerpiece of your fall outdoor space. It provides warmth and a cozy atmosphere for gatherings. Arrange seating around the fire feature to create a natural gathering point.

Trueform offers custom concrete fireplaces and fire pits. One of our favorites is the board-formed fireplace. Its rustic design and outdoor-worthy durability makes it the perfect addition to an outdoor space. Or if you want to go for something really unique, get in touch to commission a custom piece to suit your vision.

Custom concrete dining table under a patio in an outdoor setting.

Light It Up

As the days get shorter, lighting becomes essential. Use large-scale lighting and accent lighting to get the right amount of functional lighting and lighting for ambiance.

Flood lights, post lights, pendants, and deck lights do a good job of keeping the area safe and visible. String lights, lanterns, and candles to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Solar-powered lights are an eco-friendly option that can illuminate your outdoor space without electricity.

Wood look concrete dining table on an outdoor patio.

Keep It Warm

Autumn evenings can become quite chilly so having some heating options can be a lifesaver. Outdoor heaters, cozy blankets, and hot beverage stations reduce the chill. Definitely consider a fireplace or fire pit to add both lighting and warmth.

Softer elements can help reduce the cold too. Place outdoor rugs on the ground to provide insulation and make the space feel cozier. Cushions on furniture achieve a similar ambience.

Concrete fireplace on an outdoor patio with cushy seating and television.

Create Dining Areas

Nothing brings the bugs in like a summer’s evening cook out. But that all starts to change in the fall. Fall is the perfect time for al fresco dining. Make sure a large dining table and chairs are a part of your outdoor design.

Selecting the right material for the table is at the heart of the outdoor dining. Durability and weather-resistance are ever important. Once again, concrete saves the day. Whether you go with smaller side tables and coffee tables, or spring for the full-size dining table, concrete is the ideal material.

Incidental Tables

Just like the indoors, smaller coffee tables and end tables are a nice addition to the outdoor space. Select from a durable selection of colors, shapes, and sizes in concrete to get the perfect aesthetic. As a bonus, these can also be used as seating when you have extra-large gatherings.

Shop Outdoor Tables

Wood-Look Tables

Don’t forget to consider our signature wood-look tables in Woodform® Concrete. They are a naturally beautiful addition to an outdoor setting. Not only do they have the color and grain of wood, but they can be further enhanced with knots, saw marks, nail heads, and any other number of wood and reclaimed wood details.

Customized Tables

With concrete, the sky is the limit. This is your opportunity to do something spectacular like create a unique size, shape, height, color, or texture. Try designing a table with an organic shape and then personalize the surface with a meaningful icon. You can also add unexpected perks like a grill or ice bucket in the center of the table.

Large outdoor patio with custom concrete fireplace at the corner of the space.

Landscape It

Without the right backdrop, your outdoor space may end up feeling somewhat wild or unkempt. Plant fall-blooming flowers like mums, asters, and marigolds to add bursts of color to your outdoor space. This will make it feel put together and purposeful.

Plan your landscaping around the fall season to maximize your design. Incorporate ornamental grasses, trees, and shrubs with colorful fall foliage to enhance the theme.

Custom black concrete table with small in-table firepit and chairs surrounding.


Similar to landscaping, some décor can give the outdoor space a boost. While you may not have control over what a client does with the space after construction is done, you can provide an opportunity for pumpkins, cornstalks, and hay bales to make an appearance.

Put a mantel over the fireplace. Add permanent planters or vases. Create a place for a wreath to hang. These will encourage decoration long after you’ve vacated the construction site.

Bring in Entertainment

You might not be around when the outdoor space is used, but just like decoration, there are things you can do to make the space one your clients will love to be in. Entertainment is a huge part of any gathering so add entertainment options to the design.

An outdoor sound system, a projector for outdoor movies, or a weather-proof space to store board games encourage fun for family and friends.

Creating an inviting outdoor space for fall can make the most of the season's natural beauty and mild weather. Whether it’s for hosting gatherings, enjoying a quiet moment with a book, or simply taking in the crisp autumn air on a work break, a well-designed outdoor space can enhance the fall experience.


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