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The Stuff of Dreams: Custom Woodform Concrete

There’s nothing like the look and feel of wood, especially if it’s reclaimed wood with a history. That’s the magic that custom Woodform concrete offers. It’s the look (and even touch) of aged and antique woods repurposed into beautiful elements of the kitchen, bar, dining room, and even the outdoors.

Take a look at some of our favorite custom projects and start dreaming up what Woodform can do in your design.

Woodform custom concrete bar in a bright and rustic restaurant.

With aged details and rough edges, this custom Woodform bar looks like antique planks restyled as a bar. It’s touchable and so realistic it has every customer doing a double take.

Bright farmhouse style kitchen with wood plank countertops made of concrete.

Butcher block countertops in this kitchen feature custom concrete with plank, nail marks, and knot detailing. Against the white subway tile and classic cabinets, the kitchen has a cozy modern farmhouse feel.

Woodform concrete kitchen island with rustic features.

The kitchen island is the center of visual and functional design in the kitchen. This unusual island features custom concrete Woodform complete with butterfly joints (dovetails), knots, and live edges. The masterful coloring reflects the look of real wood in all its variations.

Customizing Woodform

The benefits of wood-look concrete are obvious. It's resistant to rotting, splitting, and damage from insects. It doesn't harm forests or destroy trees. It's durability compared to wood is standout. What might not be as obvious is how versatile it is. Woodform can simulate different wood species and can be formed into any shape with endless options on the details. 

Here are your options when it comes to customizing Woodform.

Plank-style or TruSlab

Larger pieces such as countertops and tables are cast using one of two different “systems”. Each system has its own set of benefits and are used in separate applications. Our Advantage system utilizes molds bearing the signature of wood planks and are modular in nature – meaning we can fabricate seamless pieces in a variety of sizes. Pieces can also be fabricated using our TruSlab system. TruSlab is like a massive slice taken out of a tree and includes live-edge details on either side.

Grain and other features

As with real wood, Woodform enables our artisans to use tools to either amplify or reduce the prominence of a piece’s grain and other nuances such as knots, cracks, fissures, or ripples. The staining process can also be adjusted in order to highlight these features for a truly rustic look. Similarly, modifications can be made to minimize such details for a clean, modern appearance.

Shape, size & dimensions

All of our Woodform pieces are built from scratch, so shapes or sizes that would be challenging to specify using real wood can easily be accommodated.

Color and finish

Specific colors or certain types of wood can be simulated upon receipt of a sample.


For objects such as countertops, tables, and sinks, Woodform provides even more flexibility than real wood. Whether you opt for a “chunky” look or for something lean and smooth, Woodform enables you to determine the precise thickness of your piece.

Edge details

For objects such as countertops, tables, sinks, and more, one can choose from a variety of unique, realistic wood-edge appearances. Popular choices include hand-hewn, rough-sawn, live edge, Blue Ridge Mill, and smooth plank.

Bespoke embedded details

Woodform can incorporate a variety of subtle, bespoke details that bake even more credibility into your custom piece. These include nail heads, metal stitches, butterfly joinery or dovetail joinery. These are typically used in woodworking for surfaces that include cracks or seams that need to be reinforced. With WoodForm concrete these can be used to add character, authenticity and detailing to a piece.

  • Nail heads in cast iron or stainless steel (for plank-style surfaces)
  • Metal stitches in forged steel or stainless steel (for surfaces that include cracks or seams)
  • Stainless steel butterfly joints and cast-iron dovetails (also to span across cracks or seams)

Concrete that looks like wood in a block style seat surrounding an outdoor firepit.

This patio encourages gathering around the fireplace for smores and good conversation. The elegant curves of the heart wood blocks (made of GFRC concrete) add a touch of softness to the hardscape in the backyard.

Walnut style dining table in Woodform concrete in a bright dining room.

 A walnut-inspired plank table with a live edge is all concrete and all style. The realistic grain and cracks plus the touchable texture perfectly suit the eclectic designed dining room.

Bathroom sink in concrete that looks like a carved out piece of wood.

This unique bathroom blends classic wood planks arranged in a zig zag against bright pink paint with a rough hewn wood-look sink fashioned from high-tech concrete. The rustic, vintage, modern, and unique all come together in one in this statement-making powder room.

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