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Concrete Countertops Cost: A Discussion

Are concrete countertops expensive? If you think of them as a more affordable option to other stone countertops, you may be disappointed to find that cost of concrete countertops are comparable to stone.

Why? Concrete requires as much fabrication as stone countertops. Though the processes are different, the level of craftsmanship can be much greater for concrete countertops. Take a little journey with us to discover how they stack up and why concrete countertops cost may be different that what you expected.

Choosing concrete for your kitchen island gives you optimum flexibility in determining the shape, thickness and finish of your piece.

Concrete Countertops Cost

Concrete countertop prices vary from $65-$135 per square foot for a one-inch thick countertop. The wide range is a result of materials used, where it's being made, the reputation and skill level of the craftsmen, and the level of customization.

At the lower range, you can typically commission a countertop at a fixed thickness with several color options and cutouts for items like sinks. While perfectly suitable for most kitchens, they may lack the wow-factor that design lovers might be seeking.

At the mid-range, you have access to more options that may include changing the thickness, adoption of certain in-house edge shapes or textures, a wider range of colors, rounded corners or shapes, and some specialty finishes (e.g. glazing or antiquing).

High-end countertops will be those that go above and beyond the ordinary and which require a complex understanding of the material and its nuances.

At this level, a vast range of design options are available, including

  • exotic or color-matched tints
  • highly-elaborate shapes
  • custom inlays such as wood or metals
  • terrazzo
  • one-of-a-kind edge details
  • specialty glazes and finishes
  • simulations of other materials (e.g. marble or wood)
  • integrated features such as sinks and drainboards
  • technologies (e.g. fiber-optic lighting).

Countertops like those listed above are often built by highly-skilled craftsmen with advanced tools, materials, and techniques, which results in a higher cost. 

Can You DIY Concrete Countertops?

The internet may make you wonder if you can pour your own concrete countertops. Plenty of handy people do pour their own countertops, however, you’ll want to carefully consider whether this is a good choice or not.

Decorative concrete, like countertops, requires a lot more know-how than you might imagine. Getting your forms built properly, determining the ideal location of seams (if applicable), using the right concrete blend, achieving the correct color consistency, etc. all contribute to the aesthetics and durability of the final product. Read more about DIYing your own countertops.

Is It a Good Idea to DIY Concrete Countertops?


Why Are Concrete Countertops So Expensive?

Many Trueform concrete countertops land in the min to high-end cost range. So why are Trueform products more expensive than concrete countertops that can be purchased elsewhere? There are three major differences between our countertops and the less expensive ones you may find elsewhere:

Exceptional Quality

Trueform uses the highest-quality concrete mix materials and sealers available. We take no shortcuts and make no compromises on excellence. Our goal is to create functional, heirloom-quality pieces that serve your space for a lifetime.

Fully Custom

Concrete countertops are a fully-custom product at Trueform. Since no two kitchens are alike, we begin by sending a representative to your location to take precise measurements and build a physical template representing the layout for your countertops.

Any irregularities in the environment are noted on the template - such as cabinets that aren’t level or curvatures on the wall. This ensures that your countertop fits your kitchen like a glove.

In terms of color, you can select a from one of our standard offerings or you can have us color match nearly any Pantone or Benjamin Moore color swatch for your countertops. You’ll also specify the thickness, finish, and other custom or integrated features (drainboard, etc.).

Once all your specifications are collected and the template reaches our facility, our master craftsmen will get to work building your custom countertops.


Each of Trueform’s products is hand-crafted by seasoned, knowledgeable craftspeople. Once cast, our concrete endures numerous enhancement steps during its evolution from raw objects to the highly-refined artifacts that are the hallmark of our brand.

These steps include grinding, wet polishing, filling, wet-sanding, and sealing – with quality checks at every juncture. Our best-in-industry sealer will enhance the concrete’s patina while protecting it against the wear and tear of daily use. 


Prices for Trueform countertops start at $120/sq foot for standard countertops and go up from there based on customization.

Why are concrete countertops expensive? At the end of the day, when you partner with Trueform, you are receiving tailored manufacturing and installation, communicating directly with the fabricator, and  customizing in a way that you just can’t get with any other stone product.

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