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Commercial Concrete Design Redefined

Concrete and commercial design go together like your morning coffee and cream but shift your thinking away from the whole industrial vibe because concrete is becoming important in other types of commercial design. It shows up in chic hotel lobbies, swanky bars, tropical resorts, and corporate reception desks.

Take a closer look at the wide world of possibilities with concrete in the commercial design sphere.


The owner of Crown Jewel, a hot restaurant on Great Diamond Island near Portland, Maine, said it best: “I knew I wanted concrete for our counters. It just has this certain warmth to it. A softness.” Warm and soft might not be words that immediately come to mind in relation to concrete, but that’s exactly the result the concrete countertops produced.

Pink and teal restaurant with concrete countertops.

Custom colored to match a lovely Benjamin Moore teal, the smooth yet natural surface created the welcoming feel that makes Crown Jewel restaurant the gem it’s meant to be.

Bar with concrete countertops and wooden accents.

District Local, a New York City bar and eatery, also boasts sleek concrete in a rustic-elegant style. Kiro Design imagined the concept and a combination of wood, exposed brick, and concrete brought it to life.

Restaurant concrete bar with marble accents.

In a similar vein, Legal Sea Foods restaurant and oyster bar in Short Hills, New Jersey features a concrete bar with rustic blue and gray tiles and fishing-themed rope pendant lights.

Southwest style restaurant with light beige concrete tables.

Scorpion Cantina in San Antonio accented their South West style restaurant with white concrete tables to continue the cool adobe theme throughout.

Corporate & Retail

The use of concrete in a corporate environment is far from industrial or cold. It makes for a clean canvas that can be customized to represent the company. Thus the brand rather than the design becomes the focus of the design and the experience.

Corporate break room with dramatic waterfall concrete countertops.

The headquarters of a popular outdoor lifestyle brand employed concrete in a fusion of industrial and mid-century modern. Concrete featured on the countertops, floors, and other architectural elements throughout the shared spaces and break room.

Conference room with long gray concrete table.

Never underestimate the power of the right conference table. This sleek space is a blank canvas ready for creative minds to do their best work.

Corporate reception room with concrete desk.

Frog offices in Brooklyn, New York infused their brand right into the reception desk with a white custom concrete design. Designed by SHoP Architects.

Airport kiosk with custom concrete and etched logo in the desk.

Vino Volo used concrete to push this airport store right out into the walkway. Custom texture and logo cutting in this pop up style store entices customers to take a look then proceed into the larger store.

Public Bathrooms

The public bathroom these days is far more than a functional space. It’s a statement of design that defines the corporate identity. The concrete trough sink is one of the heroes of the public bathroom of late. These long sinks make for sleek design with their lack of traditional drains and spout faucets.

Large commercial bathroom with concrete ramp sinks.

Another of SHoP Architects’ designs, this expansive public restroom features a concrete counter with a series of trough sinks integrated in for a minimalist chic style.

Spa with white concrete countertops and sinks with wall mounted faucets.

Concrete masters the zen of the spa with this integrated counter and trough sink at Bamford Haybarn Spa in New York City.

Commercial bathroom with gray concrete sinks and marble flooring and tile backsplash.

This public restroom in a commercial building in Georgia features a bank of squared off concrete sinks in a vintage-elegant design.

Concrete can do some unexpected things. See what else it can do. 

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