There is nothing quite like artisanal concrete. Hand Crafted in America.

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Concrete Furniture Proudly Handcrafted in the USA

When our doors opened in 2006, our vision was to introduce a new generation of high-end products for architects and interior designers with concrete as our medium. Concrete is an amazing material that allows us to grasp at the ideas in the heads of designers and bring them to life.

Now well over a decade later, we’ve fulfilled thousands of build-to-spec tables, desks, sinks, and other architectural features and have introduced many creative product lines.

A key element to our success is the fact that we do everything ourselves. Every product is made to order by our team of makers and craftsmen in our New Jersey facility. We create indoor and outdoor products for residential and commercial spaces. We custom build products that reflect what our customers have visualized in their minds. It’s rewarding work.

Concrete Furniture in the USA

Keeping our manufacturing in the USA allows us to do things we might not otherwise be able to do. It gives us complete control and accountability over our products and processes. Our R&D time is minimized - meaning we can adapt and evolve quickly. Nobody knows our products and materials better than we do, and working directly with the manufacturer means you are dealing directly with the source.

Our team is standing by to ask the right questions to ensure your project goes smoothly. We can respond to our customers’ designs with improvements and modifications that can solve functional or aesthetic challenges.

Humans, Not Machines

At heart, we are designers and makers who embrace concrete as the ultimate material for creative expression in the built space. This ethos informs each and every decision we make. From start to finish, every piece in our facility is handmade by our team of talented craftsmen.

We take a great deal of pride in our work and treat each project as if it is the only piece we’re working on. In the end, what we’re aiming to do: create functional art that serves individuals throughout key moments of their day.

Superior Quality Control

Quality is never an accident – it’s a consequence of accuracy, discipline, and attentiveness. Keeping our production in-house means we are able to monitor and control every aspect of the product or project in real time.

Quality involves every aspect of production – from the concrete mixture, the forms/molds, the process, and the overall design itself. Any inconsistencies in the concrete mixture or product yields are detected and dealt with immediately.

Through each phase of fabrication, fresh eyeballs and hands react to the piece to bring it further toward finality. And our final quality measures ensure that anything that completes the journey meets or exceeds all expectations.

Personal and Personalized

One of the hallmarks of Trueform is our collaborative nature. We understand that off-the-shelf design solutions may not always work for you. We provide opportunities for personalization and customization that are simply unavailable through most other manufacturers or are impossible using other materials.

Like a finely-tailored suit, we create a finished product that is unique to you. No other object will ever look or feel exactly the same way.

Cutting-Edge Technology Makes a Difference

Our new, state-of-the-art facility gives our craftsmen plenty of room to scale, plan, and create a masterwork supported by many tools that open up the world of creativity.

We are outfitted with the latest technology so we can make the shapes, textures, patterns, impressions, colors, inlays, and other features that make your order special. Our experts have access to CNC-routering, 3D printing, and tools for hand sculpting in order to create molds. The best in color-matching technology is also available.

Specialized blends of concrete and GFRC expertise make for wall panels and other objects that are lighter-weight and more durable than traditional concrete.

On-Site Support

All of our products and custom projects are either built-to-spec or created using templates taken directly from the job site. We can ship nationally or internationally - and expert installation is available for projects in the tri-state area.

Should you ever damage your concrete piece and live within a reasonable distance, we can visit and either repair chips or reseal surfaces such as countertops or tables.

Ship Faster, Work Cleaner

The pressures of project deadlines are always looming. With manufacturing close to home it means we can manufacture cleaner and get your order to you faster. Depending on the order, we try to get it to you in weeks instead of the months you might expect from other custom work.

Manufacturing in the USA also means we’re cutting back on environmentally-costly practices and leaning toward sustainable practices.

First, we measure out precisely the amount of materials we need for each project - meaning there is very little waste. Any excess is recycled back into aggregate for creating asphalt. We also reuse our casting materials as crating and shipping materials

Finally, most of the work performed during fabrication is by human bodies rather than energy-demanding machines or equipment.

Of the many reasons to love Trueform, one of the best is that our concrete furniture is made in the USA. Quality, speed, craftsmanship, variety, customization, personal service, and more is all at your fingertips with the Trueform team.

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