There is nothing quite like artisanal concrete. Hand Crafted in America.

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Unlocking the Potential of Artisanal Concrete

In dreams, possibilities abound where the laws of the physical world dissolve. Navigating beyond the confines of conventionality is our specialty. Trueform leads this journey by harnessing the power of GFRC concrete, liberating the aspirations and designs of architects, designers, and discerning homeowners.

At Trueform, we champion the extraordinary realm of artisanal concrete, meticulously handcrafted in America. Elevating your visions beyond the ordinary, we stand as artisans and partners who help you transcend the constraints of conventionality.


Outdoor kitchen with wood-look concrete countertops.

Breaking Boundaries with GFRC

Glass-fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC) stands as a specialized form, amalgamating glass fibers into concrete. This fusion creates a lightweight, robust, and enduring material, embracing versatility in all shapes, sizes, and designs.

A chameleon among materials, GFRC adorns architectural elements, ornate pieces, panels, facades, and decorative structures across varied industries. Its adaptability, mimicking natural stone or wood textures through staining, polishing, or surface treatments, serves as a testament to its customizable nature.

The Art of Handcrafting

Each Trueform creation emerges from the hands of artisans from within our New Jersey facility. Our expertise lies in transforming your concepts into tangible realities.

Through personalized molds and intricate craftsmanship, we breathe life into your ideas. Whether you envision a CAD-file creation or merely wish to discuss a concept, our seasoned professionals stand ready to collaborate and manifest your designs.


Harmonizing Form and Function

Exterior facade with wood-look concrete panels on a corporate headquarters building.

Witness the fusion of artistry and practicality in concrete at this corporate headquarters in New York City. Woodform Concrete® adorns the building's exterior, seamlessly replicating the allure of wood. Inside, a captivating interplay of bright whites against organic, dark concrete desks sets a mesmerizing ambiance.

Open format office space with long concrete desks.

Explore the rooftop sanctuary where concrete unveils its multifaceted persona. From cascading waterfall countertops to bar stools exuding industrial charm, our concrete metamorphoses into functional elegance. Embracing city vistas, booth seating adorned with concrete benches offers a blend of comfort and sophistication.

Waterfall concrete countertop island on a rooftop outdoor kitchen.

Waterfall Countertops

The kitchen countertops feature a waterfall design that takes the horizontal surface and allows it to spill over toward the ground creating free-standing island.

Concrete bar stools at a concrete island on a rooftop event space in NYC.

Bar Stools

One edge of the kitchen space features a bar complete with permanent stools. The seats of the stools are made of matching concrete and add to the overall aesthetic that blends warmth and industrial side by side.

Rooftop outdoor space with concrete bench seating and city view.

Booth Seating

Casual enough for an everyday lunch, and posh enough for a corporate event, the booth seating goes around the perimeter of the rooftop. Concrete benches are topped with full-width cushions and a coffee table-height table. The views of the city are stunning but there are umbrellas available to provide a little shade too.


Unveiling Unprecedented Designs

Topographic canyon sink in concrete in an upscale bathroom.

Embark on a journey through unique collaborations, such as the 'canyon sink' – a 3-dimensional topographic marvel conceived by Dunsmuir Institute Architects. 


Pioneering Innovation

 Bright kitchen with slab of wood-look concrete on the countertop.

This slab of cross-grain wood is carefully created concrete. This designer and homeowner wanted something truly unique and an aged slice of tree trunk was totally unexpected. Wood in the kitchen, especially something that special, might be cause for concern. Splashes, everyday work, and family traffic could spell disaster for wood, but not so with concrete. 


Shaping the Future

Dining table with geometric cutouts around the edge.

Creating unique shapes is no problem for concrete. Here, a custom designed table has geometric cutouts almost like a puzzle piece. Whether used as a showpiece, dining table, or desk, this is sure to be a showstopper.


Alive with Color

Bathroom covered in rich woods with a blue concrete triple sink with spout faucets.Concrete is traditionally gray but not so at Trueform. We can match any Benjamin Moore paint color so you have the entire rainbow to work with. This blue sink with chrome spouts the center of attention in this spa bathroom.


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