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Creating Connection through Creativity

Location: Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NY

Designer: General Assembly, Brooklyn, NY

Photography: Matthew Williams


If there’s one thing New York City is good at, it’s recreating itself. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the many residences throughout the boroughs and beyond.

A passionate owner, inspired designer, and the historicity of a building combine in a symbiosis that renders rundown brownstones better than ever and high rises an equal amount of whimsy and groundedness.

Such is the case with these beautiful spaces that have recaptured the past with current creativity. Take a closer look at a handful of designs that aim to build bridges between the new and the old, the traditional and the contemporary, the cozy and the formal.



The center of this design was a young, music-loving family. That meant changing up the layout to accommodate open-format living and allowing the music to carry throughout the house. It blends the warmth and coziness of the everyday family with clean, contemporary design.

Concrete was a big player in the design with a white concrete sink in the main bathroom and sleek concrete countertops in the kitchen. Both lend distinction to the design while providing the durability and young family needs.

Location: State Street, Brooklyn, NY

Designer: General Assembly, Brooklyn, NY

Photography: Joe Fletcher Photo

White concrete ramp sink with black wall mounted faucet.

Kept busy with travel, the creative owners of this apartment craved balance. That was achieved with a mix of natural materials and man-made accents. A healthy dose of local decor ensures they feel the presence of home the moment they walk in the door.

Black and gray kitchen with gray concrete waterfall countertops.

A fresh white concrete sink and vanity enhance the light in the bathroom with its natural, spa-like vibe. Medium gray waterfall countertops in the kitchen harmonize modern flat front white and black cabinets with stainless steel appliances.

Location: Hudson, NY

Designer: General Assembly, Brooklyn, NY

Photography: Matthew Williams

Large white kitchen with white concrete countertops.

Escapees from the big city leave the stress behind and head out to vacation homes they can reach in a couple of hours. The best thing about a vacation home? The owners bring all their big city creativity and passion with them, which results in some beautiful spaces upstate.

This Hudson home is respite to the owners who split their time between several big cities. Though the space needed some major adjustments to the layout, the owners wanted to retain some of the vintage charm as well. Alongside crisp white concrete countertops and a marble island are the original floral wallpaper and vintage furnishings.

Location: Catskills, NY

Designer: General Assembly, Brooklyn, NY

Photography: Joe Fletcher

Studio apartment with concrete countertops and rustic wood doors and floors with metal accents.

It’s all about warmth and luxury in this Catskills guest house. It was once a horse barn and retains some of that rustic charm, but plenty of bright and simple design transforms the space into a light, warm space unlike any other.

Natural wood cladding, concrete waterfall countertop, and a wood burning stove balance out the refinished stall doors for the bedroom and black and white tile floors in the bathroom.

Location: 59th Street, NY

Designer: General Assembly, Brooklyn, NY

Photography: Chris Mottalini

Contemporary kitchen with flat front cabinets and white concrete countertops.

The spectacular views in this high rise apartment on the Upper East Side made the owners feel like they were flying—quite a feat for a heavy, industrial looking building. The floor plan needed to be opened up and the layout adjusted to make the most of the vistas, but in the end, the balance between the two extremes made this space a delight.

Modern geometric lines and smooth surfaces give a nod to the era in which the building was first constructed but doesn’t get in the way of the airiness of the design. Light gray concrete countertops add to the warmth and modern vibe of the cozy kitchen.

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