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Kitchen Trends You Might End Up Regretting

2023 Edition

If your kitchen is overdue for a remodel and you’ve made it your 2023 mission to update its design, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends. Rather than focusing on installing a trend that’s super niche and stylized – like butcher-block counters or a metallic hood – you should focus on choosing designs with real staying power!

Before getting too carried away with the trends that are supposedly on track for this year, pump the brakes for a minute. There are some trends that simply won’t last and others that are on their last leg.

To make sure you don’t regret any of the changes you make during a kitchen remodel, here are some trends to avoid in 2023.

Open Shelving

It seems like the trend of open shelving in the kitchen was in every coveted kitchen inspiration photo for the last 10 years. However, unless you’re going to commit to keeping them perfectly styled and organized, they can end up looking messy and mismatched.

Open shelves are also prone to collecting dust and grime, which is problematic for cleanliness. Lastly, this trend is never the best option if you’re looking for more storage space, as open shelving isn’t suitable for all types of items and therefore limits what can actually be stored.

In 2023, opting for closed-door cabinetry is a better bet and will allow you to prioritize organization without worrying about having matching kitchenware. You’ll quickly realize how much more functional a closed cabinet is versus open shelving, and your design choice will last long into the future.

Black Cabinet Hardware & Finishes

The rise of the farmhouse style brought with it the popularity of matte black hardware, faucets, and other finishes. While a matte-black look can still look nice against certain cabinetry colors – like natural wood or black panels – it’s generally agreed by design experts that this trend will make your kitchen appear outdated.

Not only is matte black hardware hard to keep clean and free from scratches, but it also limits your ability to change styles or color schemes in the future, as not everything will match with black’s overly bold statement.

If you’re set on incorporating the color black into your kitchen, a great solution is to choose black concrete appliances – like a sink basin – or install a black concrete countertop. Some concrete countertops can be custom designed and include special features like drying racks or waterfall legs for a modern look.

Faux-Wood Tile Flooring

Unless you live in an incredibly hot climate where tile flooring is a necessity to keep you cool, there really is no excuse for installing faux-wood tiles. While it was novel for a time and provided a cost-effective solution to wood, faux-wood tiles will give your kitchen a less authentic look and cheapen the design.

Depending on the finish and texture, faux-wood tiles are more slippery than other materials and are less durable overall. Plus, tile can be difficult in the kitchen because if you drop something, it’s pretty much guaranteed to break.

In 2023, a better alternative to faux-wood tiles is to choose a more classic material for your kitchen flooring – such as hardwood or durable laminate. You’ll be surprised at how versatile both of these options are, with hundreds of color choices and easy installation.

So now that you know what to avoid, you’re probably wondering which trends will be on everyone’s radar in 2023. Here are a few that we’ve identified that are gearing up to take the interior design world by storm this year.

Kitchen Trends You Can Count On