There is nothing quite like artisanal concrete. Hand Crafted in America.

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Make Every Day Special with Our Custom Concrete Products

Roses are red, violets are blue - but you’ll need a gift that’s extra special if you’ve got renovation work to do. So skip the chocolates and flowers and give your special someone a custom concrete treat by Trueform Concrete.

Just like your love, these elegant, handcrafted products are meant to last for years to come. Let’s take a look at these custom products to see what makes them one of a kind.

Side by side comparison of a spill on a concrete countertop with one sealed and one not. and


Cookie-cutter countertops are a thing of the past. Custom countertops give you the exact dimensions you need without having to sacrifice style. When it comes to concrete, you’ve got a couple of creative options to take advantage of, including:

  • Color: Trueform Concrete’s signature color selection ranges from white linen and traditional gray concrete to a darker charcoal color scheme. Do you have another color in mind? We can color-match early any Benjamin Moore swatch.
  • Shape: Concrete is very versatile, making it the perfect material for custom shapes and sizes. You’ll be able to control everything from slab thickness and profile to special integrated features—like drying racks and waterfall legs.
  • Surface Finish: Our concrete comes in two different finishes: Classic and Foundry. Classic is smoother and more uniform in appearance while Foundry has a spotted, hand-troweled look with a more subtle surface texture.

After you’ve dreamed up your custom countertops, we’ll give you a quote, complete the build, and deliver them directly to your home or business.

Collage of concrete sinks in upscale bathrooms.


Concrete sinks by Trueform Concrete are in a league of their own. While marble and porcelain sinks have their own unique benefits, a hand-crafted concrete sink gives you better durability, functional flexibility, and a luxurious look you won’t find elsewhere.

Ready to get your own concrete sink? There are four types to choose from:

  • Wall-Mount/Floating: This integrated sink and countertop combination mounts directly into your wall for a floating look. Just make sure it’s a stud wall (wood and steel) or a masonry wall (concrete, brick, stone, etc.).
  • Vanity Top: A vanity top sink is designed to rest on top of a surface—typically a vanity cabinet. Once you provide the cabinet specs, we’ll design the vanity top to match. Or you can choose from our in-stock collection.
  • Complete Vanities & Washstands: Want a custom-built sink top and base? We can modify one of our signature products, or we can give you something completely unique.
  • Vessel: Just like a vanity top, vessel sinks rest on top of an existing surface. Unlike vanity tops, vessels only represent the basin portion of the sink. They can be round, rectangular, or another custom shape that’s geared towards single or multiple users.

After you’ve picked your sink type, it’s time to pick your sink basin. You’ll choose between a Readymade Basin (premade) or a Built-to-Spec Basin (custom), each one with its own unique benefits to consider.

Just like concrete countertops, our concrete sinks have the same signature/custom colors, finishes, and three-step ordering process.

Collage of concrete tables in different settings including dining rooms and backyard patios.


If you’ve got an activity to do, there’s bound to be a table for it. Whether it’s for sipping a coffee, enjoying a meal, or hosting a business meeting, Trueform Concrete is ready to build your perfect table.

That special table is available in our signature color scheme or the custom Benjamin Moore color swatch of your choice. You’ll also have the classic and foundry finishes available as well as an industrial finish—the most “raw” finish—that’s only available for table bases.

Now, it’s time to pick your table, and there are five main types we specialize in:

And when we say custom, we really mean custom. Everything from the size of the table to the specific placement of USB ports and power modules is in your control.

Build Your Table

Collage of concrete fireplace surrounds in living rooms.

Fireplace Surrounds

Nothing’s more romantic than a living room fireplace. With the right fireplace surround, you’ll make every day a special occasion.

Concrete fireplace surrounds by Trueform Concrete add timeless beauty to the focal point of your room. Need a bit of extra help for a tall ceiling or a larger wall space? Add a custom wall panel for an interior full of concrete decadence.

You’ll get the perfect statement piece for your:

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom
  • Entertainment Center

Mix in some color from our standard color palette or the custom color of your choice for the right finishing touch.

Nothing says “I love you” like our long-lasting concrete. That’s why we make it last even longer with our TRUESEAL surface protection. Our proprietary, three-layer coating technology shields your concrete from staining while highlighting its natural color and variation.

Contact us today to give the gift of custom concrete. Need more reasons to love concrete?

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