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Making Room for Everyone at Your Holiday Table

It brings such joy to sit around the table during the holidays and finally have the whole family in one place. Unless, of course, you don’t have enough room at the table and had to resort to a kiddie table to find everyone a seat. Even worse, maybe you had to demote some of your adult family members to the kid’s table.

Ready to end the kiddie table forever? Make a place for everyone at the table this holiday season, but first, a few considerations.

How Much Space Do You Need?

For everyday dining, about 20-24 inches per place at the table is sufficient. However, if the meal is more formal, like it often is at the holidays, you might want more than that. See general guidelines for table size below.

Chart with table measurements and how many people you can seat.

Children require less space at the table than adults. It’s perfectly fine to place them closer together and squeeze more in at the table.

How Big of a Table Can Your Dining Room Handle?

Space at the dining table is about more than just elbow room. You also have to consider how much space it takes to navigate around the dining table, how much space chairs need to slide back, etc. If your dining area is in an open format space, you probably don’t have to worry too much. But if you have an enclosed space, you’ll need to follow the below guidelines.

Chart with table measurements and how many can be seated at each.

Try to keep about 36” of clearance space all the way around the table to ensure your family can comfortably sit and move around the table. Each seated guest should have about 24-30 inches of space in which their chair and elbows can move.

Concrete dining table set for a holiday meal.

Where Are You Going to Find a Table That Big?

Trueform Concrete offers sleek rectangular dining tables up to nearly 10 feet. We also offer large round and square concrete dining tables.

There’s always the option of a custom concrete dining table. One of the beauties of concrete dining tables is that they can be easily tailored to your family size. We want to help you find everyone a seat at the table this holiday season.

Not only does a custom concrete dining table allow you to get the right size, but it also allows you to customize the design of the table. Get creative with shape, base architecture/material, colors, special effects, technology, and more. 

Custom Concrete Dining Tables

What Are Your Other Options?

If a bigger table isn’t a possibility, think a little more creatively. You could play with the layout to make more seats at the table. Instead of one big table, maybe you do several narrow tables in a “U” shape - or a grouping of cafe-style tables.

Think outside the box and move your holiday meal to the patio if you live in a warmer climate. The entire backyard can become your dining room. You’ll have no limit on the size or shape of your table and everyone can enjoy a place at the table.

Make holiday dinners comfortable again with a custom table that has room for everyone, sans the kiddie table. Bring your vision to life with a custom concrete dining table from Trueform Concrete. Get a quote or contact a representative today!

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