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Modern Man Cave Design Ideas That Will Make Your House the Place to Be

Den, study, man cave . . . though what this space is called has changed over the decades, the concept remains the same. It’s a space dedicated to all things bachelor, husband, and father. It’s a place of celebration and relaxation where one can go to get away from it all without having to go anywhere. A place where dad jokes thrive and shenanigans never cease.

The modern man cave should be a place where you can surround yourself with what makes you happy. Thus, modern man cave design ideas put that front and center. Both visually and functionally, the man cave is a room customized to a specific person.

Here’s some modern man cave design ideas to get you started.

Sports themed man cave in white and blue.

Colors that Make the Man Cave

Most man caves are dim and moody, well deserving of their “cave” designation. But that doesn’t mean they have to be. Light, bright, and metallic are good choices for the man cave also.

Stone, wood, leather, and luxe but smooth textiles in rich colors like black, gray, and brown are classic choices for the modern man cave. Pops of color in deep red, navy, and green seem to be the most popular palettes. Bright whites and silvery grays provide high contrast that make the man cave dramatic (in all the best ways).

Metallics should be a part of any design, but they are especially important in the man cave. Perceived as masculine, metal helps set the tone of the space. Any metallic will do: chrome, gold, iron, stainless, bronze, etc. You can even mix different metals to add depth and complexity to the design.

Concrete is another material with a connotation of rustic refinement. If you’re converting a basement or garage (more on this in a moment), you’ve already got a base of concrete to work with. Continue the vibe with concrete furnishings like a table or bar countertops. Concrete comes in any color imaginable and is tough enough to stand up to any rowdy Sunday football game antics.

A Few of Your Favorite Things

As we mentioned before, the man cave should be customized to the man who inhabits it. This is your opportunity to display your favorite things, including your collections. If you love fishing, showcase your rods, reels, and fish stories as part of the decor. If you’re a hunter, this is the perfect palace to show off your trophies.

A favorite modern man cave design idea is to add a large window into the garage so your classic cars, and sports cars can be on display. It opens up the space visually and shows off your prized possessions.

Music is another favorite centerpiece of the man cave. Put your vinyl collection on a shelf, hang musical instruments as part of the decor, and build in a sound system so you can enjoy—or play—that music at full volume.

Basement man cave with large work table in the center of the room.

No More Basement Blues

An underused basement is the ideal place to convert to a man cave. It’s a blank canvas that can be customized into a personalized space for whatever you need to do in your cave.

Such was the story for the Brownstone Boys, Jordan and Barry, popular brownstone renovators in Brooklyn, New York. Their basement was a messy storage space poised to become something more. They assessed their needs and decided to create a space that was a cross section of work and play.

They needed a palace to entertain and discuss business with clients. As the dining room had been taken over for this purpose, it was time to make a change. They designed a speakeasy-style work room that doubled as an entertaining space complete with rolling bar cart. It’s comfortable, welcoming, and oozes modern man cave style.

Garage Takeover

Not having extra space to convert to a man cave isn’t stopping anyone from creating the room of their dreams. One man’s garage full of tools and projects, is another man’s at-home bar. Yes, the garage is prime space ready to be transformed.

The garage is a good size so you have plenty of space to add perks to the man cave like games or a bar and still have space for furnishings and the big screen TV.

Most garages can easily be converted to add heating, cooling, plumbing, and more since they are adjacent to the main living spaces of the house. Though the garage may show some of the guts and plumbing, just embrace the rusticity as part of the design. Add some paint, a few luxe details and you’re set.

Barn converted into a man cave with concrete, wood, and metal accents.

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Man Cave Bar Musts

Sometimes a man cave is built around a few central features. The kitchen and dining room are often made for the island and the dining table. The same goes for the man cave. A bar is one of the most popular features you’ll find in a man cave. The bar can dictate the layout and the design of the space.

You’ll want some plumbing in your bar so take that into consideration when planning your layout. It’s easiest to tap into existing plumbing rather than having to run new pipes across the room. Consider adding a bar substantial enough to include some seating. If you have a collection of spirits, be sure to include storage and/or display cases for them.

The bar can be simple or it can be extravagant. How you style the bar can set the tone for the decor in the rest of the room. A concrete top bar with industrial pendants overhead have a distinctive feel. Backlit stained glass and dark wood in dim lighting have a speakeasy feel.

Comfortable basement man cave in beige with overstuffed sofas.

Game Room Time

The man cave should feature games and hobbies as a central feature. The pool table is a classic addition to the man cave. Other modern additions include ping pong tables, dining tables that convert to poker tables, and putting greens. Decide which you want before you start renovating since they are larger features that will need to be worked around.

Many modern man cave designs include the ultimate video gaming stations. Make room for larger computer monitors and comfortable desks. Great sound systems enhance the video game experience as well. Add dimmer switches on the lights so screen viewing is optimal.

Bigger (Screen) Is Better

Most man cave dwellers feel their space isn’t complete without a big screen TV—the bigger the better. Whether it’s for movie viewing, game watching, or showing slide shows of your recent travels, the big screen can be a key feature in the space.

You may choose to go a little more subtle with your screens and add smaller screens incidentally like a sports bar. Or you may decide to skip the screen and go with a projector and make the whole wall a screen.

If your screen will be the main attraction in the space, take the time to do some design around it, almost treating it like a fireplace with surround. Not only will you bring attention to your big screen, but you’ll get a feature wall as well.

The modern man cave can be anything. But one thing it should be is a reflection of you. All modern man cave design ideas aside, create a space that you love being in and sharing with your favorite people.

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