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The Art of the Modern Concrete Fireplace

2022 Fireplace Trends

If there’s one thing that defined 2021 fireplace trends, it was modern style. 2022 fireplace trends will continue in this vein. Stay on the lookout for clean lines, minimalism, and light neutral colors into the new year.

Concrete is the perfect material to achieve the modern fireplace. It’s clean lines, neutral colors, and smooth finish are all elements that fit right into the modern trends. Far from being one note, modern concrete fireplaces offer you a variety of unique styles that can become the center of your space.

Here are a few ideas for a standout modern concrete fireplace.


The frameless fireplace blends the fireplace into the wall nearly seamlessly. There is no hearth nor mantel. It doesn’t have another material or color around the fireplace. The wall runs directly into the fireplace with no transition. It’s the ultimate in clean-lined modern design.


Modern design is minimal and it’s also practical. It’s not unusual to see the concept of multi-tasking running through a design.

This comes out in the fireplace as a fireplace/countertop combo or as a fireplace that’s open to two rooms bringing ambiance to both. Another favorite is a fireplace in an exterior wall that is open to both the interior space and the exterior space.


The 3-sided or peninsula fireplace is a great option for larger rooms or open concept spaces where you want some kind of divider to separate the space. Though they can have concrete on all three sides, a popular option is to encase the fireplace in glass so it can be enjoyed from every angle.

Full wall concrete fireplace.

Full Wall

The fireplace may take only a small amount of wall space, but that hasn't stopped designers from turning the entire wall into a feature. Concrete panels covering the entire wall is true modern design at it’s best.

Tall Verticals

Similar to the full wall fireplace, the tall vertical fireplace can go from floor to ceiling, or at least reaches higher than a traditional fireplace would. This is perfect for rooms with tall ceilings or vaulted ceilings.

Modern wall mounted concrete fireplace

Wall Mounted

The days of fireplaces at ground level, or even at hearth level, are nearly past. Now is the time for the wall-mounted fireplace. These are placed up higher and seem to float without any support. It’s naturally clean-lined and modern.

Dimensional Geometrics

Most fireplaces are geometric with the rectangular box the standard. Build on this look with a concrete fireplace surround that adds more geometrics. Adding some 3-dimensional effects to this is a top 2022 concrete fireplace trend.

Modern concrete fireplace


If concrete wasn’t enough of a modern vibe for you, add a little bling with some metallics. No modern design is complete without metallics. Adding them to the fireplace surround draws attention and increases the sophistication of the design.

The modern concrete fireplace is on trend. With so many ways to adapt it to your space, you’re sure to find the ideal design for your tastes.

At Trueform, custom concrete fireplaces are the only way to go. It opens up the world of possibilities for your modern fireplace design. Talk to us today about your fireplace design.

Modern Concrete Fireplace