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Timelessly Trendy Interior Design Tactics That Won’t Grow Dated

Home design trends tend to ebb and flow in popularity. What’s “in” during spring may be “out” by fall. However, the very best trends can turn into classics and influence how we think about home design for years to come.

If you’re thinking about renovating one of your rooms, you want to incorporate elements of the latest design trends in a manner that won’t go out of style. Choosing pieces or features that are overly niche or seasonally relevant will only leave you frustrated in a few months.


Circular concrete coffee table in a modern style living room.

Fortunately, there are plenty of timeless ways to decorate your interiors that will look fresh and modern now, next season, and for years to come. This way, you can enjoy your interiors without needing to constantly change them based on passing trends.

To help you brainstorm, here are our favorite techniques for timeless interior design.


Concrete table that looks like wood in a dark color surrounded by chairs in a cozy environment.

1. Use warm, natural wood

Natural wood is known to bring warmth and beauty to an interior space. This is why many design experts suggest wood not only for flooring but for furnishings, decorative features (like coffered ceilings or crown molding), and cabinetry.

No matter how you decide to incorporate wood into your home’s interiors, it will complement virtually any style. From minimalism to traditional, every style can benefit from the addition of natural wood, as it can be easily adapted for different aesthetics while appearing timeless and classic in each.

Coffee table in concrete with epoxy top in a large, bright living room.

2. Opt for lasting materials like concrete

Materials can have a massive impact in a home, especially if they are part of an eye-catching focal point. In particular, concrete is becoming more popular in homes for its versatility, ageless quality, and sleek appeal.

While concrete was once seen as a signature of trendy, industrial spaces, it is now used for features like kitchen islands, fireplaces, dining tables, and more.

Concrete adds value to a home while standing the test of time for both durability and style. From sinks and floors to countertops and coffee tables, there are countless ways to incorporate concrete interior design techniques that will last for years in your home.

Topographic concrete bathroom sink with brass wall mounted faucet.

3. Center things around an unforgettable statement piece

A well-chosen statement piece is a way to make a bold and lasting impression. The unique and one-of-a-kind nature of a statement piece contributes to its timelessness, as its personality will be able to outshine and outlast changing trends.

For instance, centering your living space around one fabulously classic armchair will enhance the room’s overall aesthetics. Serving as a conversation starter, the statement piece you choose can be used to inspire the entire design direction of the room. This way, it will always be your starting point amidst any new changes, acting as a constant presence and providing balance with its centrifugal force.

High contrast fireplace with black wall and white surround in a large living room.

4. Create high contrast for visual appeal

A final way to achieve a truly ageless space that will look great no matter the season is to play with high contrast. The main feature of high contrast design is mixing starkly different colors – such as black and white.

Colors that are directly opposite on the color wheel, such as purple and yellow, or green and red, create the highest contrast. By outfitting a space with contrasting colors, you’ll create a visually striking and dynamic room.

Offering definition and depth, high contrast colors will make a space appear more three dimensional and evoke a sense of vibrancy. Plus, high contrast design is always associated with sophistication, as it is a crisp and refined choice that won’t grow dated.

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