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What’s Trending for 2024 Outdoor Living Spaces

10 Must-Haves for the Outdoors

The introduction of the "staycation" changed a lot of things. Vacationing closer to home meant that home improvements skyrocketed, outdoor spaces turned into another room of the house, one where entertaining and quality family time could take place.

You’ll see the indoors out trend continue to grow in 2024 with comfy living rooms, kitchens, game rooms, and more in the backyard.


The patio firepit is a must have for the outdoor space—no matter the season. There are more options than ever for how to execute the fireplace outdoors. The round firepit is the most popular but in 2024, you'll see more grand fireplaces complete with hearth and surround.

Fire tables are already popular and that will continue and grow in 2024. These gas fireplaces make an ideal space for gathering with ambiance and a touch of warmth on a chilly evening. Viral phenomenon, the tiny tabletop firepit became a hit last year and will expand into the next.

The grand fireplace is another trend you’ll see much more of in 2024. With an emphasis on indoor living in the great outdoors, you’ll see more traditional looking fireplaces in outdoor living spaces.

Backyard patio with soft gray concrete table surrounded by wicker chairs.

Concrete Tables

Already a champ of the outdoors, concrete is for far more than the patio beneath your feet. Concrete is well suited to be poured and shaped into just about any shape for a myriad of outdoor implements.

Of particular note is the  outdoor dining table. It’s durable, resistant to weather, and can be made in any size and shape. 2024 will display unique concrete tables with either different shapes than the classic rectangle, or interesting textures and finishes.

Be sure to select a concrete table designed for the outdoors. More people are opting for concrete for the inside of their homes in 2024 and outdoor versions have special sealers that protect them from the elements.


Patio with various chairs, tables, and decor.

Sustainable Furniture

Nowhere is the emphasis on protecting Mother Earth more pronounced than in the outdoor space. This year, expect to see sustainable materials as the material of choice for outdoor furnishings, including bamboo, rattan, recycled plastic, and concrete

Try  end tablesplanterswater featuresfireplaces, park benches, and other concrete décor. Concrete can also be colored and finished to produce the exact vibe you want for your outdoor space. Concrete can be a great way to go for an outdoor kitchen as well with countertops that look like the indoors and have durability for the outdoors.

Layer plenty of cushions in contrast to natural materials to keep that cozy indoor feel. Blankets increase the comforting vibe as well.

Warm Colors

Interior design colors shifted from cool to warm during the course of the last several years, and 2024 will see that increase and expand to the outdoor space as well.

Go for rustic warmth in the outdoors like terra cotta, blush, muted yellow, and plenty of beige-y browns. Or opt for a brighter aesthetic in warm pastels to lighten the feel of your outdoor space. Significant textures in your textiles can add a touchable warmth to your color scheme that enhances the effect.


Outdoor kitchen with concrete countertops.

Upscale Spaces

These days you probably stay at home much more than you used to. You’ve probably done more at-home entertaining than going out and spending your vacations exploring your local area. That shift is clear in outdoor design too. Gone are the days of a simple backyard patio with a couple chairs and a big umbrella.

2024 will be filled with multiple seating options like a bar, lounge, dining table, games area, and more. Not only will outdoor spaces in 2024 be a reflection of the indoors, but they will be well-appointed spaces equipped for any party or staycation.

Outdoor Kitchen

Another element of the indoors that’s made its way to the outdoors is the kitchen. This is even more of a necessity as the staycation increases in popularity. 2024 will transform the backyard from the grill and picnic table to the full kitchen and dining experience.

Don’t forget to consider things like pizza ovens, small dishwashers for easy clean up, even a little refrigerator can make the outdoor experience as functional as an indoor kitchen.

Covered patio with kitchen featuring concrete countertops and table.

Creative Gardening

With the shift to a more formal outdoor space, the classic garden may be a thing of the past. 2024 will bring more creative gardening that looks less like gardening and more like decor. Add to that, that the square footage of the backyard is shrinking, and you have an even greater need to get creative with your gardening.

Of particular note in 2024 will be climate-resilient gardens. Whether you find yourself in a drought, more frequent cold snaps, or plan on the hurricane season, a garden designed to withstand these is right on trend. Minimal water gardens are especially popular because they are conservation-conscious.

Enhancing Details


Accessories are what makes a space--indoors or out. Use them to bring style and personality to your outdoor haven. Try tabletop lamps, cushions, planters or vases with flowers. Anything that adds a focal point, color, or decoration can be what makes the outdoors feel like a room as comfortable as any room inside.


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