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Wood Bathroom Sink? Yes Please!

Just when you thought that opting for wood in the bathroom was a bad idea, Woodform® Concrete changes all that. Our beautiful wood-look concrete isn’t just for the dining table or kitchen island anymore. With the introduction of our Tahoe sink collection, you can now make the aesthetic of wood a focal point in youre bathroom without any of the concerns associated with wood. t

Here’s everything you need to know.

Close up of the wood bathroom sink in honey colored wood look.

Introducing Tahoe

Our Tahoe sink line is a striking blend of rugged exterior and elegant interior, transforming concrete into functional art. Crafted with a keen eye on sustainability, this sink captures the timeless beauty of natural wood using environmentally-conscious materials and manufacturing methods.

Originating from a single slab of meticulously carved wood slab, the Tahoe sink masterfully replicates the textures, cracks, and subtleties of rustic wood. Our artisanal staining process further accentuates these captivating details. Hand-hewn edge embellishments grace the entire sink's perimeter.

The unique, wave-like basin gracefully slopes from the countertop to meet slot drains, which feature removable inserts available in three finishes. Handmade by skilled artisans in the United States, each wood bathroom sink is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

Choose from eight natural wood colors, four widths, and single or double- basins configurations

Wood bathroom sink detail view showing the whole sink with gooseneck faucet.

Sophisticated Construction

Because we wanted to create something extraordinary, we searched high and low for the ideal piece of wood we could use to inspire the molds for our Tahoe sinks. This allowed us to achieve a realistic wood look with the full spectrum of details that only natural wood can provide. Our highly-skilled artisans hand stain each surface – drawing attention to individual features and nuances -and the result is an undeniable simulation of the real thing.

The finished sink appears to be five inches thick for a rugged, substantial aesthetic. However, our concrete casting process allows for a hollow underside , which not only significantly reduces its weight but discreetly conceals our mounting brackets. This means that the Tahoe adheres to the wall without any exposed hardware.

For worry-free installation, install your sink by mounting it to wood or steel wall studs using our proprietary support brackets (included with each sink). -This type of installation allows you to place the sink at any height your require. and is ADA compliant when installed correctly.

Bird's eye view of the wood bathroom sink with vertical drain.


Beyond choosing the size and color of your Tahoe sink, you can add faucet holes of different types as well as optional soap holes. You can also pick the finish on your slot drain: Painted Bronze, Brushed Stainless, or Black.

We also offer fully-custom Tahoe Sinks. Whether you’re seeking a specific length, thickness, or custom color, we’ll happily take the time to create exactly what you’re looking for. Simply contact one our specialists at 888-474-7977and we’ll talk about the details of your unique sink.

Each Tahoe sink is handmade in the USA. Please allow 3-5 weeks lead time for models in our standard line and 4-6 weeks for fully custom versions.


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