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How to Find a Concrete Countertop Installer

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Deciding on concrete countertops? That’s the easy part. Finding the best, most qualified contractor to install them for you? That’s a bit more difficult.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect concrete countertop contractor in your local area. Here'show to narrow down thousands of search results to the right person for you.

Search Reputable Contractor Databases

Most people begin their contractor search on Google or a comparable search engine. While this is helpful for finding qualified, local contractors, itcan be a bit general and tiresome to comb through. For that reason, you might be better off searching through a reputable contractor database.

Popular contractor databases you’ve probably heard of include:

  • Angi
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Houzz

How specific do these databases get? As an example, Angi lets you narrow down your search by typing in your ZIP code and listing project specifics like timeline, budget, material type, etc. Once you’re done, enter your name and contact information and you’ll receive a customized list of contractors that best fit your requirements.

Make Sure They’re Qualified

One of the most important things to check on is a contractor’s qualifications. Any reputable concrete countertop contractor—or any contractor, for that matter—will let you know that they’re:

  • Licensed: Has your contractor taken the proper classes, passed the right trainings, and acquired the proper certifications for the job
  • Insured: If something goes wrong, does your contractor have insurance to cover the cost of repairs
  • Bonded: Does your contractor guarantee that the renovation contract will be fulfilled as agreed to

Don’t assume that your contractor is qualified without checking these criteria. Thankfully, many contractors list this information on their websites to save you time.

Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews will provide an in-depth insight into what your contractor is really like. Things like customer service, punctuality, quality of work, and fair pricing can almost always be gathered through customer reviews on Google, a contractor database, the Better Business Bureau, or directly from their website.

While customer reviews are an invaluable part of the vetting process, it’s important to take each one with a grain of salt. Customers that are unhappy with their services are more likely to leave a review than those that are happy. Reviews should aid yourdecision; NOT make the decision for you.

Double Check Their Services

Trueform Concrete prides itself on creating world-class concrete that’s prefabricated in a controlled environment. So before you choose your concrete countertop contractor of choice, make sure they can install prefabricated concrete pieces instead of pour-on-site only.

Compare Prices

It’s no secret that the price tag reigns supreme in the contractor comparison process. But while it's important, it can be deceiving.

High prices are misconstrued as high quality, but as you may know, that’s not always the case. Conversely, prices that are too low might scream “deal,” but many times it means cheap materials, shoddy processes, and poor work that costs you more money to fix.

To ensure you’re getting the right price, check:

  • Competitors in the area
  • Contractor databases
  • Government websites
  • Reputable blogs

This will give you the average cost for a comparable upgrade in your area. If you want the exact price from the contractor of your choice, ask them directly for a quote. You’ll learn the exact cost of your project, and most quotes are free of charge.

Ask for Recommendations

Asking for recommendations is an old-school, yet underrated tactic to finding the best contractor. Some great people to ask would be:

  • Friends and family members
  • Building inspectors
  • Home improvement retailers

Another great source is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. They provide information on reputable remodelers, certifications, tips and trends, and so much more.

Have you already found your contractor?

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